I have a major weakness for products that look like they were dipped in paint, glaze or rubber. I’m not sure what it is about that contrast in color and texture, but it gets me every time. (This example is my all-time favorite.) These new vessels at Leif have that hand-dipped feel that I love, along with some gorgeous saturated colors. The terra cotta utensil pot above would be lovely against a marble or wooden countertop, and the little containers below feel like a (slightly) grown-up spin on the clay pots we all made growing up. Whether you’re looking to store something small like salt and pepper or something larger like soup ladles, click here and here to check out these pieces at Leif ($38–$45). And since we’re talking about dipping, enjoy this blast from the past. xo, grace


Thanks for the blast from the past! I am now reminiscing about middle school dances!

Oh and cute “dipped” items too.