cuteness by ladies & gentlemen

I love it when companies are devoted to producing designs that are equal parts functional and whimsical. Just about everything that Ladies & Gentlemen produces is painfully adorable but has a clear purpose. I rarely endorse the use of a “z” in place of a plural “-es,” but in the case of their cat-inspired Pawz salt and pepper shakers, I’m sold. Throw in the cute terra cotta chalk piggy bank and it’s a cute animal explosion. If animals aren’t your thing, the aluminum, brass and copper shakers are beautiful, as well. Click here for more info and to shop online. xo, grace


How creatively playful. Who could not possibly want to have any one of these products. I sure do and have just identified several items (more) that I will be purchasing. Thanks so much for sharing.

Ma Bicyclette

Thank you for introducing me to this shop! Their items are stunning.