copper shades

The great lighting hunt of 2012 is still in full swing, as we seek the perfect (and affordable) light to hang above our office desk. Kate and Amy have been online searching like crazy, and yesterday Kate sent over this amazing copper option from Merchant No. 4. It’s a little outside the range I was hoping for, so I’m still keeping my eyes peeled for something a bit more wallet-friendly, but man, if it isn’t gorgeous. Designed by Kate Stokes, each “Mr. Copper” pendant has a spun copper shade with lines inspired by the ridges of a tin can. I’d love to see a cluster of these in a kitchen, but even one would be pretty darn beautiful. Click here to check out the light in more detail and order online. And if you’re more of a brass girl like I am, the table lamp below is a fantastic option. It’s so chic and minimal. xo, grace

*This is our last week of Copper & Navy Blue as our Pinterest trend themes, so click here to check out our boards if you’re as copper obsessed as we are right now.

Judi Powers

Ikea has some great shapes in metal lamps. We have 4 in the kitchen in our barn You could spray them copper . As i recall they are under 15.00 ea. Good Luck

Frances Schultz

The copper pendants are great. I wonder if they would age into that wonderful verdigris patina that old copper acquires? Or if you could treat it to do so? That takes the modern vibe into more of a rustic direction, but gives it a bit of something else, too, no? Not that it needs something else… I so love this blog, btw, and am new to blogging myself. Thanks for all the inspiration.


That copper pendant is really beautiful, but ouch! at the price. Since you’re a DIY kind of girl, why not make your own? I have a beautiful copper bucket/container that would make a wonderful pendant lamp. Gives me an idea….


I love how the pendant costs more than $800 and they have a $1 option for gift wrapping. LOL