I love when shops, online or brick-and-mortar, have a regional theme. As much as I love my local designers (and I do), I relish the chance to support small-scale designers in different countries whenever it’s financially possible. When it comes to European designers, I tend to rely on Anne and Kristina for updates because they get to call Paris and Rome home base. And while I will always turn to them for the designers and products I should be watching, I’m excited to have another source for new European design, Cachette. Newly launched, Cachette is an online shop that focuses on small-scale European design, ranging from homegoods to beauty. 90% of the things in their shop are from countries like France and England and every single piece is an independent, non-mass-produced product. I found myself drawn to the natural materials they carry, like gorgeous wooden cutting boards and cooking spoons and sophisticated stoneware and woven baskets. But of course, the pops of neon in the paper section didn’t go unnoticed either. There’s plenty to see and shop at Cachette so click here to check out their full selection online. xo, grace


Thank you for the tip !!

I browsed the site briefly, and it seems rather affordable too !