brigitte schuster

by Grace Bonney

I love it when artists embrace the way a specific tool or medium can shape the style of their work. These beautiful calligraphy pieces were done by Brigitte Schuster, a graphic designer who specializes in typography and type design. As part of a calligraphy workshop she took with Denise Lach, Brigitte collected materials from nature to use as tools in her design process. Looking to create something imperfect, Brigitte worked with items such as a wood branch, a fir cone, seeds and even a stone to create unique letter shapes. I love how natural and organic these feel. They make me want to run to the art store and try my hand at creating my own, which is always a great sign. You can read more about Brigitte’s project and see more images right herexo, grace

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Images above: Pipette and plant stem

Image above: Knife

Image above: Pinecone

Image above: Comb

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