box 1-7

by Grace Bonney

Sometimes a new product comes along that’s so cool, I have a hard time finding the right words to say so, other than “Wow.” This new modular shelf from BeaMalevich is called Box 1-7 and was created by Finnish designer Pekka Kuivamäki. In essence, Box 1-7 is a shelf that hangs from a single nail and can be constantly rearranged. But it also can be stacked together like Russian nesting dolls or set on a surface to act as standing storage. I love the idea of playing with different formations and shapes on the wall. This would be a fun way to handle small storage in a child’s room, or to manage smaller items in a creative office. No matter where you hang (or stack) it, this is a fantastic concept, and I love how clean and simply it’s executed. Click here to check out the boxes in their various configurations and read more about the design. I can’t wait to see this used in a home tour one day; I think it will inspire a lot of creative shelving concepts. xo, grace

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  • Grace, I just received this month’s Elle and you’re on page 278!! Congratulations! You look fabulous darlin.

  • Stunning! I was thinking of trying out a DIY version but now that I see that the boxes are large enough to hold books (which I love!), I’m doubting my ability to get the weight-bearing side of things covered. Any thoughts?

  • I think this would be a great way to display skeins of yarn in a knitting shop..or heck even at home in your craft nook. It would be a great conversation piece at your next party. I’ll have to check this out for myself.

  • Not for a kid’s room. Maybe a teen’s. Kids would be trying to swing from them, or play percussion by banging them against the wall.

    Which might not be all bad, because it would give you an excuse to repaint the room.

  • I have actually seen it! I was at a friend’s apartment in Barcelona and she had just bought it from BeaMalevich’s owner himself — she’s friends with him. That was two months ago and my friend (Hi Sofia!) told me it had not been marketed yet. “I can confirm” that it did look really cool. It had books in the bigger boxes and CDs and other objects in the smaller ones. I found it so simple and so beautiful at the same time. So cool to read about it here! I feel like an insider who knew the little secret before it became “vox populi”…

  • I love the look and how practical they could be for craft show displays and such. Although I wonder what would happen if I take something heavy from one box than the ones that are “resting” on it would shift around? Mmmmmm