before & after: garage studio

Our final Before & After today is a cleverly renovated garage space from photographer Natalie Wright. To create a space with plenty of light and room, as well as a healthy dose of personality, Natalie coated the walls in a crisp, reflective coat of white paint and turned salvaged materials like chicken wire, old doors and found milk crates into storage pieces. I love that she’s also added quirky elements like artwork and wall decor to warm up the studio. Nice work, Natalie! — Kate

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Time: About a week

Cost: $300

Basic Steps: My vision for the space was a place that inspired me creatively but was also very photography friendly. Most of the furniture is easy to move around. I also wanted table surfaces that could be used as props to photograph things on. I write for a few sites online and am always photographing products that I review. Just about everything on the walls and floors has been used in my photography.

Advice for others? Patience! I try to go out at least once a week to an antique store, surplus sale or yard sale. I have taken many friends with me to yard sales and antique stores. They burn out after a few weeks of only finding one or two things. It takes time to find a treasure, and it takes even more time to find one that is the right price! When scrounging for vintage or antique items, enjoy your outing just for the opportunity of getting out and trying something new. If you are looking to fill a certain space or need, the right piece will eventually come along. — Natalie


Thanks for the encouragement about finding things! I do go out almost every week to thrift stores and antique stores and I always feel a little guilty, like I’m wasting time or other people wouldn’t get it. But then there are those times I find something incredible or I’m super inspired by something in the piles of junk, and I know its worthwhile.

Leonardo Salvador

Great post Kate! These awesome makeover is so good. It has really changed a lot and I can see a huge difference, Like its newer-looking than before. Nice!


this is fantastic, I am in the midst of setting up my own studio and this is so inspiring! Could I ask what material you used for the backdrops? I am thinking of setting up something similar but am not sure what to use!

amy walters, aDESIGNdock

I could set up shop today! Such an amazing and inspiring space.
I simply adore that drafting table – I’ve never seen anything quite like it!
Beautiful work Natalie ;)


great space! we are remodeling our basement and i find this so inspirational (love the coke crates)


fantastic finds – what a great budget friendly makeover. I am so jealous of that antique drafting desk…I’m assuming a lucky thrift/yardsale find?


i like how this garage has been cleverly divided up into several work areas. great use of space and great makeover!

Andrea, Tartella

working on turning my basement into a studio space and there are a lot of good ideas here…the only-when-you-need-it photography space is genius. great job!

Chez Us

I like the photo backdrops hanging from the ceiling. Where did you get that system? Thanks – Denise


Where did you find those old coke crakes!? i love the idea.

john shearer

My favorite are the wall mounted soda wood cases..the 7-Up is classic. I have sourced out one wooden box at a antique store here in Seattle.


I love all your before and after shots for garage studio and its great that you have to shared the some good pics.