Apps & Gear for Pet Lovers

I’m sure you’re all well aware of our (somewhat obsessive) undying love for pets here on D*S. Crazy cat ladies? Guilty as charged. There’s not much we wouldn’t do for our furry companions; we’re not painting their nails or feeding them caviar, but beyond that, let’s just say we’re pretty attentive to their needs and wants. In honor of four-legged friends everywhere, I’ve rounded up some of the best apps, gadgets and gear for pet lovers this week on MyLifeScoop. This isn’t one of those lists with diamond encrusted collars and crystal food goblets; I was on the hunt for comfy beds, useful apps and other worthwhile, well-designed pet gear. Click here to read the full post. Enjoy! — Kate

{UPDATE} The post is now live and the links are working!



caitlin schultheis

is anyone else having trouble using the links? they are not working for me! and I really want to know more about that cat caccoon!

Modern Country Lady

So adorable, and such good kitties!! Mine take over and make their own beds ..perferably right there where I want to work, or do a craft project, or inside a cupboard right on top of a nice new clean pile of fabrics I am planning to use.Arrgh!! Maybe not dog but cat training classes are in order. Erm you don’t fancy getting a regular feature about cat training :-)))

Daydream Kate

So glad to see a Montana product on the list! #9 is a rockin toy for dogs…West Paw toys are the only ones I buy for my dogs. Best of all, when they get chewed down, you can mail them back for recycling.


1.) That modern bed it TOO MUCH- -I love it! and $150 is remarkably cheaper than I thought it would be!!!
2.) Muffinhead dog jackets are handmade in Portland, OR and each are unique as they’re made from re-purposed human textiles…..although, I’m partial. :)