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Last week Amy, Kate and I spent a crazy amount of time trying to find the perfect chandelier/hanging lighting for our office table. We came up empty-handed, mostly because many of our favorite pieces cost as much as our total office budget. We’re still trying to hunt down the perfect (budget-appropriate) piece, but until then, these lights from Apparatus are on my wish list. Kate found them, and they have that perfect aged-metal look that the three of us love so much, with just enough added architectural interest. If you’re looking for gorgeous new lights — or just some pretty lighting inspiration — click here to check out Apparatus’ lighting online. xo, grace


I can’t remember where I was travelling recently but I think I saw the first light fixture with the bulbs proturding from the brass pipes in a cafe. I love that for an office or over a dining room table.

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I generally don’t see too many repurposed industrial lighting that inspires me, but these have just the right amount of “leave well enough alone”. Let the materials speak for themselves without too much intervention. Especially like the chain link piece.


Not as utilitarian but just as chic, hand blown glass pendants all made and sourced in the uk from Curiousa and Curiousa. Saw them at Tent last year. Gorgeous!


Grace, I just want to offer a word of caution about that table. I have a coffee table version and it doesn’t wear well at all. It’s gorgeous, of course, but I’d expect a table to encounter even more use than our coffee table so know that it scratches *very* easily. Ours also picks up paint from my painted nails all the time. Sorry to be a downer, because the space looks fantastic as is.


May I recommend
She designs some amazing light fixtures and awesomely enough has a couple tutorials for some very interesting industrial styled fixtures, as well as material lists and all that.
I have been wanting to make one forever, but at roughly $100 for the supplies, it’s a bit out of a college student’s budget. But if you have the time and money, it could be the way to go, plus you could always customize it to your preferences.


These are all awesome. Number three looks like a potential DIY project that would require a tetanus shot first.


That chain fixture is amazing! Whoever came up with that one is so creative! Hope you stop by and say hi and enter my style book giveaway!

Dana Reid

Did you ever find a comparable cost effective substitute? I am looking for the same.