a case of the blues (and pinks)

Cobalt blue has been sneaking up on me for about a year now. My love of navy blue seems to have won the blue battle, but cobalt is doing a pretty good job of holding down second place. While checking out the new Christian Lacroix collection at Designers Guild (nice, but not my cup of tea), I found myself drowning in a sea of gorgeous blue fabric and wallpaper options. I’m not really up for wallpaper anything these days (taking down the wallpaper in our old rental was a headache) but some of these would be great for lining drawers or other craft projects around the house. I’ve chosen my favorites above and below, so if you’re feeling a little blue, I hope these will do the trick. xo, grace [Image above: Brush in Indigo]

*And because I can never resist a good pink, I’ve chosen some great pinks below, too.

Image above, left to right: Bergius in Cobalt, Jacaranda in Delft, and Linneaus in Indigo

Image above: Pink and blue? Sold! Amrapali in Peony.

Image above: Chevenon trimming in Fuchsia. I feel like Gwen Stefani would wear this on her jacket.

MamaJ @TheSecretLifeOfaScientistsWife

I love the ‘Linneaus’ in Indigo! I, too, have been slowly falling in love with cobalt; even the name ‘cobalt’ is strong and appealing! We’re on the hunt for fabulous blue & white fabric for the dining room as of late. Thanks for the post.

Hannah Liddle

Thank you Design Sponge, so glad that you feel inspired by our designs. Our latest spring collections went live this week with even more gorgeous shades of blue, we hope you like them.