50 Bold, Beautiful and Brilliant Package Designs

I’m a sucker for good packaging. When every product has a million different versions to choose from, how can we not gravitate toward the one with the best presentation? That doesn’t necessarily mean lots of bells and whistles — I hate having to tear through layers of wrapping or unpack multiple boxes. To me, great package design is its own visual entity; whether it’s witty, beautiful, unexpected or practical, it should speak to the object it’s presenting, be thoughtfully designed and stand out from the rest. I’ve rounded up 50 great package designs on My Life Scoop this week; I hope you’ll head over and check them out. The products seem pretty amazing, as well, but the packaging is pure awesomeness. Click here to read the full post on My Life Scoop. Enjoy! — Kate



gluten free gift

I believe that the El Produto packaging uses artwork originally designed by either Paul Rand or Saul Bass – amazing iconic graphic designers. The cornflakes box is a brilliant make-over on the classic kelloggs box of the 50’s-70’s. My fave has to be the (soap?) by Willer Hiue (sp?). Fabulous post that will likely have me googling for the next 20 minutes to further explore these questions and thoughts!!

Modern Country Lady

looks like the sort of packaging that I can not bring myself to throw away.. and will end up 10 years later, still in a cupboard or drawer ..very dangerous for hoarders !! :-))))


It must have been hard to pick just 50! I really like the understated colours and simple-but-effective package design of the ‘antique & vintage’ items.

Jess @ The Bungalow Project

I love product packaging and branding. How genius when you don’t even need a name to know what brand something is, like the Pepsi circle or a Nike swoosh. Another one I like is the Pom Pomegranate drinks that used to come in a glass that you can reuse. Maybe they still do that, but I love my Pom glasses, I use them all the time:)


Great post! I actually designed the logo for Megan Miller nail polish and worked on their original branding/website. How fun to see it on one of my favorite blogs!!


oh, if you knew how many times I have had difficulty putting good packaging in the trash…It pains me to dispose of a well designed shopping bag, box, can, jar, bottle…..I’m hopeless!

And by the by….That MARVIS toothpaste is a treat I buy for my family and friends ever holiday….It is AMAZING…..And such a nice treat!


Beautiful vintage package design! Package design is so important- a great way to make a first impression.

Mosaic Studios

Great collection of packaging – packaging design is so important and contributes hugely to the success of a product. Especially love the vintage range!