5 great sites for artwork and posters

Lately I’ve had a strong desire to clear out a few of my larger, space-consuming collections, save for one: my art collection. It’s silly, but I have a really difficult time letting go of any thrift store painting, museum postcard or tattered poster. I have every intention to continue collecting pieces, but my new approach involves more careful consideration and far less impulse buying. In my personal curatorial efforts, I’ve stumbled across some amazing new resources for original artwork and limited edition prints, posters and photographs. I’ve rounded up my five favorites this week over at My Life Scoop. These sites not only offer a great selection of works and accommodate modest budgets but are also so well curated; there are some really special pieces to be found here. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, and hopefully you’ll find the next addition to your own personal art collection. Click here for the full post. — Kate

Image above from House Beautiful



I love this post- will definitely be checking out all the links you’ve provided. I’m so excited to see that there are more resources for people to buy affordable art AND that are supporting up and coming artists. It’s really refreshing. Thanks!

Kate Singleton

Kate, you are so kind to feature Buy Some Damn Art! Many, many thanks! We’re launching a drop-dead gorgeous show this afternoon by Kate Pugsley so stay tuned! : )

Jessica Bell

I consider myself very lucky indeed to be working with both Buy Some Damn Art and Little Paper Planes. They have both made great things happen for me as an artist. Great feature.

Leah Tacha

Hey! So exciting to see my work on this site! BSDA and Kate Singleton have been SO AWESOME to work with and its really great to see people supporting emerging artists! Thanks so much for this post!