yellow owl workshop recipe cards

This year I’m trying to get back on track with my cooking. Last year was consumed with prepping and traveling for the book tour, so I became a card-carrying member of the Grubhub-addicts club. But I want to get back to basics and remember how calming and nourishing cooking for yourself can be. One way I trick myself into doing something that feels like work is with a little reward. I thought about getting a new cookbook or cooking pot, but now I’m leaning toward these gorgeous foil-stamped recipe cards from Christine at Yellow Owl Workshop. Each set includes 12 lined recipe cards printed on 5″ x 7″ heavy linen card stock. I love the gold, silver and copper foils (it’s awesome when designers embrace copper in addition to the more expected gold and silver) and Christine’s sweet kitchen illustrations. They’re the perfect way to lure yourself back into the kitchen and hopefully toward a life that includes a little less take-out. Click here to shop online and pick up a set ($14). xo, grace


These are very cute! I’m tempted to send them to a baker friend, but I might have to get some for myself. I’m not sure how much longer my legal-pad sheets will hold out.


Gorgeous! I think the copper is more beautiful than the other two.

Mariah Danielsen

These are so cute! Love adorable illustrations. And I agree with you about getting back on track with cooking – I have a brand new kitchen to cook in this year!

random nicole

i LOVE yellow owl workshop’s stamps! they make any boring note or gift tag so cute in seconds. so great to see that they’re doing recipe cards now. lovely idea…

amy walters, aDESIGNdock

Love! I’m trying to get back “on track” with my cooking too this year! These pretty cards are perfect and provide more than enough inspiration to cook a fabulous homemade meal. Thx Grace!!


They are beautiful and they would be an improvement on my kitchen notebook which is now falling to pieces…

gluten free gift

The Yellow Owl printmaking book is really awesome… I ordered it before it was even released and was not disappointed! Great projects with many that are easy to do with kids too.


Love the image of the bottle of DOM…Funny how that one little crest and you just know.
They are all so sweet! I am also a fan of Yellow Owl stamps.

I like to include a recipe with food when making it for a friend so next time I make a pot of soup, it would be fun to use these- seems like a real treat when gifted with a recipe card.