whorled felt rug

One trend I’m not quite ready to let go of is anything agate or geode inspired. Whether it’s the stones themselves or something reminiscent of their swirly interiors, that specific style always intrigues me. This gorgeous whorled felt rug at Anthropologie is a perfect example — dreamy, handstitched and inspired by one of the most beautiful stones, a Brazilian fire agate. Amy and I are on the hunt for two rugs for the D*S office, and while this isn’t quite right for us, I’m hoping someone out there will scoop it up so we can live vicariously through their purchase. If that lucky someone is you, click here to check out the rug in more detail and order online ($698.00–$1,098.00). xo, grace


Gosh, this is gorgeous.
I can’t help but feel there must be a way to make this rug, though…with strips of wool felt wound into a spiral?
Does anyone have any insight on this challenge?


I have got to try this. It almost looks like wool yarn or roving. I don’t know how you would get wool strips to felt together? Definetly looks like a challenge for me to try!

Mindy Wilson

This is so delish’ I am checking out the Martha link next! Adorable…winding wool and some stitches….would only take a year or two! Right?! LOL….


Thank you Gena! DIY is much more budget friendly than Anthro (who I give a bit of splurge $$ to more often than I should)!


Would love to see someone do a DYI tutorial. The one on MSL shows just images not a step-by-step process.


Just an FYI- you can do this with scrap wool as well. All wool will felt up when washed and dried. I know it will not be smooth like bought felt (that is unwoven to begin with, therefore very smooth and “loose”)- but you can collect old wool garments, wash/ dry, cut into strips and roll away. My mom is a weaver of wool rag rugs- also braided wool scrap rugs…. now I have a rolled project to use up so of her old wool! Have fun. :)