white enamel cookware

by Grace Bonney

Can I take a quick moment this morning to profess my love for Japanese white enamel cookware? I’ve been tracking this stuff around town like a crazy stalker and might need to make the switch pretty soon. I’ve been a loyal Le Creuset user for years (I use my two pieces constantly), but the clean simplicity of these may have finally lured me over. Has anyone used these pieces before? I saw them in person at ABC Home in NYC and wanted to get them then, but I haven’t heard much about their actual use, feel and functionality. Any owners out there care to share your feedback? I’d love to know if it’s worth taking the plunge and getting a piece or two. These pieces above and below are both for sale online at Alder & Co in Portland. Each was designed by Makoto Koizumi for Kaico and has a white enamel interior and exterior with a pretty maple or hardwood handle/knob. It’s so simple and perfect; I’m hoping the feedback is “Yes, definitely! I love mine and you should make the splurge.” xo, grace

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  • I have that pot! My mum gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago. I love the size – it is perfect not just for pasta but for soup too. Lastly, it is also a breeze to clean and looks great on the stove! I’m sure you will love it.

  • there’s no way i would switch out le crueset for enamel. the few enamel cookware i have do not compare to the quality of any le crueset, no matter how pretty it may look. maybe for a teapot but that’s it.

  • I have both actually, and they are indeed beautifully designed! However, after using the kettle only a handful of times, I’ve noticed that the area around the spout (on the inside) may be susceptible to rusting… I’ve been diligent about emptying, cleaning and drying the kettle after every use – since I’d heard that this may happen – but it still seems like it could end up being a problem. The pot on the other hand is fantastic! It comes with a stainless steel strainer that fits perfectly inside (also beautifully designed), but I often just remove it and use the pot for soup. I got both as part of trade, but if you’re willing to splurge, I’d go for the pot!

  • Yes, definitely! I love mine and you should make the splurge.

    Seriously though, have a look at ABC and see how theirs are holding up. Notice if there are any chips, and that will let you know how they will wear. If you want to splurge, you should. I personally wouldn’t buy this for a pasta pot… But the teapot looks like it fits all my requisites, and you won’t think about the price once it’s on your stove. You’ll just think how happy it makes you.

  • I, too, adore the look of enamelware, but I think the construction leaves a little to be desired when compared to Le Creuset or Staub. Rusting is a big issue, as is chipping…the nice thing about Le Creuset is their lifetime warranty! Tough to beat that.

  • With a wooden handle, you couldn’t put them directly in the oven like a le creuset. Though, jeez, that pot is beautiful.

  • I have the teapot. It was a little gift from my husband last year. My daughters make fun of me because I refuse to use it. I’m really not the type of person to buy things for show, but it’s just so darn pretty and, seemingly, delicate.

    I only use cast iron to cook with so all of my pots and pans are either Le Creuset or Staub. There is no comparison between the durability of cast iron and these pieces. Still… so pretty.

  • We have some white enamel bowls (a different brand, I’m sure) and using metal utensils leaves gray lines. I’ve made my peace with the worn in look, but since you love these beautiful (!) pots for their looks, it’s something to keep in mind…

  • I have Le Creuset and love it as do many of the other commenters, however as a user and person who has sold Le Creuset and Staub, they are both enameled cast iron. So either way you are using enameled cookware. The all white Le Creuset is beautiful though. Buy and use what you love, that’s what I say.

  • I have the Kaico milk pan, and I love it. But I also use Le Creuset for cooking and it’s far more practical and heavy-duty.

  • Is there any reason you can’t have BOTH your beloved Le Creuset and some new white enamelware? :-)

  • yes, make the splurge. I had a button eared pot. not all white though as it had a beautiful Morris print from the V&A museum on it. I gave it to a friend who liked it for boiling eggs. I regret not having it now though bcse it was so lovely.

  • I have the tea kettle and love it, even after a few years’ use. I haven’t had any issues with rusting, but the bottom is rather stained and I haven’t been able to find a cleaner suitable for enamel that will remove the stain. (Any suggestions are appreciated!) I definitely think you should go for it. I got mine at Abodeon in Cambridge, MA.

  • I bought the teapot at Matter when it was still on 5th Ave in Brooklyn. While I LOVE how it looks on my stovetop, it isn’t so great from a practical viewpoint. After a few months of gentle use, it got a big chip on the lid. It’s stained on the bottom now (I have also not been able to figure out a way to clean it). It also doesn’t have the greatest pour — kind of splashy, which is not ideal for pouring boiling water!

    With all that said, I would totally buy it all over again. I’ve never seen another teapot I think is even half as pretty.

    • Hi Lindsey,

      You can remove the stain on the bottom with baking soda! First of all, you need a big pot that is big enough to put your teapot. Put the teapot inside of the pot. Fill the pot with water then pour baking soda in the pot and boil altogether. Sit them like for overnight (or until the water becomes lukewarm), then wipe the teapot with a soft sponge. Your pot will be pristine clean white again!

  • stick with le creuset! or maybe just get the teapot. as far as the pot goes, the thick walls of le creuset cook better than I’d assume these will. that makes these more of a vanity purchase, which would be appropriate if they were an amazing garage sale score but since you say they’d be a splurge it doesn’t seem worth it for inferior performance. plus in a few years it’s possible they’ll look dated in a way le creuset never will. early jonathan ive / late steve jobs era when we wanted everything mechanical glossy white. . . however I do believe teapots/kettles retain charm even if recently dated and all they have to do is boil water so I’d say follow your heart with tea kettles — follow your brain with cooking pots.

  • I need a 4 quart covered white enamel pot. Where can u purchase one? I’m located in