weekly wrap up + rebekka seale house portraits

This time of year, few things comfort me more than being safe and warm indoors with loved ones (pets included, of course). Having a place of your own that you truly love and feel comfortable in is something worth celebrating. A fun way to celebrate the places we call home is to document the actual space you live in. Whether you choose to photograph your home or put your feelings about it into writing, having a physical reminder of that home or apartment can be really special. One of my favorite ways to document or remember home is through illustration. Sometimes an artist, or just the nature of drawing itself, can capture the feeling and spirit of a space better than a photograph.


While I love highly representative drawings, I’m really enjoying these more playful illustrations from artist Rebekka Seale. Rebekka creates these custom house portraits using watercolor and gouache, and each one emphasizes the details that make the house special. I feel like mine would primarily be about a lot of cat heads in windows, but no matter what makes your house feel like a home, this idea would be a wonderful gift, housewarming present or just a nice way to celebrate your home and the family within it. You can check out and order custom house portraits from Rebekka on her Etsy shop right here. Each 8 x 10 portrait is $100 and includes custom lettering, up to two pet silhouettes (yay!) and a CD with a high-res file for printing (Rebekka even includes step-by-step instructions for using the file to create affordable notecards online). You can read more about her process here and here. Thanks to Rebekka’s friend Sarah for the tip!

I’m shutting down my laptop for the day and heading out to find some black paint for our office floor. On Monday, Amy and I will tackle the gross gray portion of the office floors that desperately need a new look. Stay tuned for (paint-covered) process shots next week. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Stay warm. xo, grace

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:


Rebekka’s work is so lovely! I was thrilled to receive not one but 2 of her prints for Christmas! I love seeing such talented artists in my city!

Laura @ Found Beauty Studio

I second everyone else by saying that I love these! I’m laughing a little, though, because I’m pretty sure my 1890’s house actually looks like those houses with the uneven roof lines and off-kilter windows…

Susan, The Kitchen Designer

Funny, I got the most wonderful hand sketched cards of our home by our realtor as we prepared to sell it. Why wait till then – enjoy an artistic interpretation now! These are lovely. The colors are beautiful!

Dee's SmallHouseLife

I’ve always loved the house ‘portraits’ ..and find myself drawn to house drawings when looking for new art.

Checked out Rebekka’s Etsy page.. Cool!

Dee :)

Melissa B. Tubbs

I love the way Rebecca’s style captures the delightful quirkiness of people’s homes. Even if you had not lived in the home for many years, looking at Rebecca’s painting would bring an immediate smile and many memories. Thank you for showing me another new “favorite” artist.

gluten free gift

Fabulous – and so WELL PRICED for the work involved! I went on her site and was so moved by the personal video she had posted about adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia… she is one interesting lady with a lot of creative talents. Very inspirational.


These water colors are delightlful, I’m with you on the pet silhouettes as well! And I like the sound of the suitcase that I see is posted for this week!


These illustrations are really lovely, simple but they do make the homes look special!

James Hurley From The Best Bed Linen

Wow what an amazing concept! I’ve hear of people getting their houses painted but not this type! LOL!

It reminds me of an old cornish artist that used to paint portraits of old fishing cottages in St Ives.

Great work!


Just delightful house renditions! Another style of sweet house portraits is over at
Cute House Portraits .Com
Kind of a Mid-Century storybook illustration style – so it looks great for modern / contemporary houses as well as older homes. Plus it is a digital file with transparent background that you can combine with your own backgrounds and decorations to make cards and things, in addition to printing out at any size and framing.


The little blue house at the top is my grandparents’ house. Rebekka did a wonderful job with their place and it brought them to tears to see it. They’ve lived there for almost 50 years so it definitely has a lot of memories! I saw someone had pinned it from here and just had to comment :)