vintage luggage racks

Much like one of my favorite TV characters, Sheldon Cooper, I have always had a deep and abiding love for trains. There’s something about the gentle rocking of the train on the tracks and getting to see so many beautiful seaport towns (on the East Coast) rush by that always makes me want to stay on board just a little bit longer. While the glamour of train riding may not live on in most trains, I love the reminders of old-school train travel like fancy vintage luggage and luggage racks. While the first may not be practical thanks to the restrictions placed on most forms of luggage these days, racks are still just as beautiful and functional as ever. Starting on February 1st, The London Transport Museum is going to be selling original (but restored) luggage racks from its 1960s era Metropolitan Line trains online. The trains were decommissioned last year so the racks were reclaimed and will now be sold as part of a limited edition series. I love imagining all the different ways these could be used- from kitchen to living room to bathroom. If you’ve got a love for trains or just a case of old-school travel nostalgia, click here to check out the collection and shop online. The sale will start on February 1st, so be sure to bookmark the link for the launch- the collection will be limited. xo, grace

Sarah W.

Wow, this is such a cool idea! I love the little racks, and who doesn’t love trains!? Sheldon would certainly approve.

Purse & Clutch

I love seeing the same piece in a variety of ways – it helps me to re-imagine my furniture & accessories to keep things fresh. Thanks for the inspiration, as usual! : )


I have now spent the last however many minutes it’s been since I read this post going down the wormhole of the museum’s poster collection. My head is exploding over how excited my kiddo is going to be when he sees the new posters I’ve picked out. That is, if I can ever choose. Thanks for the link!


Since this relates to the this post and the last: Meg Keene, who went from blog to book, is doing a month-long book tour on Amtrak, and blogging and tweeting along the way. It’s a great way to follow along on her journey.


I’m not old enough to have personal experience with the “golden age” of train travel, but my alma mater’s art museum had an exhibit on dining car china sets from the era when traveling by rail was an event, not just a means to an end. The exhibit was fabulous and made me feel so nostalgic! I’m definitely getting that same vibe with these racks. Just lovely. Thanks for bringing us readers such interesting finds!


Amazing idea! I want to go hunting for one & install it, now!
& Emily, I’ve read that amtrak journey blog–so awesome!

Betsey Wolfson

I love the large blue letters. Where did you find them?

Betty Amazing

That is such a great idea! I wonder if I could get my hands on something similar for our new house – I might have to go scavenger hunting! Thanks! xx


I wonder where those double wooden chairs are from…a train station maybe? Love the vintage feel (pale turquoise!) in that first photo.


Yay! I just registered my interest to buy one! I’ve been wanting an actual train’s luggage rack for my kitchen, but I guess a tube train one will be just as good. It will be more personal as well – I ride the tube to work every day!