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sneak peek: jennifer sarkilahti of odette

by Amy Azzarito

When Jennifer Sarkilahti first launched her jewelry line, Odette, she worked out of this Williamsburg, Brooklyn apartment that she shares with her husband, Steve. It’s easy to see the connection between her jewelry — inspired by organic shapes, natural specimens and her travels — and this apartment; both are airy, organic and highly personal. The building is a fairly new construction, so Jennifer added some character by layering objects with a bit of patina and surrounding herself with natural pieces like driftwood, rocks and air plants. The apartment has become a catalog of the couple’s travels — a pillow and rug from Istanbul, a photograph taken in New Zealand — with each object carefully chosen as a reminder of an adventure. Thank you, Jennifer and Steve, and a big thank you to Lena Corwin for the styling and the lovely photographs. — Amy Azzarito

Image above: I made the piece hanging from the doorknob out of wool roving and feathers. It was in part inspired by Ashley Helvey’s beautiful wool dreamcatchers.

Image above: We only have enough space for a small round dining table, and this Saarinen reproduction fit perfectly. Behind the table is a painting of mine from my graduate thesis exhibition on the only wall large enough in our apartment to hang it.

The full home tour continues after the jump . . .

Image above: We brought the pillow on the right back from a trip to Istanbul. It’s made from an old kilim rug. I flipped through stacks and stacks of pillowcases in the Grand Bazaar before choosing this one.

Image above: This is my reading corner where I have morning coffee. We hung large mirrors on opposite sides of our window to brighten up the area.

Image above: My friend Nicolette is a floral designer and brought me this Staghorn Fern one day after I’d admired the one in her sneak peek. The teak sideboard is a hand-me-down from my parents. I love how it has finger holes for sliding open the doors. The record player is new, but we like to play old records. Our collection is pretty small, but I sneak a record or two out of my parents’ collection whenever I have the chance.

Image above: We bought the antique rug in Istanbul after being charmed by a rug dealer over Turkish tea. I tend to lean toward neutral things, but I love the colors in this rug.

Image above: We recently renovated the kitchen by tearing out the original black tile backsplash and replacing it with honed marble. It’s delicate, but it really brightens up our small kitchen. We received the Le Creuset Dutch oven as a wedding gift, and we use it so much it has a permanent home on our stovetop.

Image above: I hang my necklaces on the wall to keep them from tangling when they’re not being worn. It’s functional, but it also makes an interesting display that’s constantly changing.

Image above: This is the landing area where we keep all of our wooly hats and mittens. My friend Jenny of Wiksten knitted the beautiful marled navy scarf on top. We found the bench at the Brooklyn Flea, made by a furniture maker who works out of the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Image above: I took this photograph when we were sailing through the fjords in New Zealand and had it printed it as a poster to hide an unattractive electrical panel.

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  • Lovely–very calm and textured and comfortable. I especially like your reading corner, the bench, the fjord photo/poster and the collection of rocks and shells. And the way you make neutrals feel warm

  • I love the muted tones with the incorporation of natural materials and objects – it feels like a perpetual vacation. There’s a lovely tribute to Eva Zeisel in here as well, which is very timely. (The top shelf serveware.)

  • great inspiration!! i’m about to reinvent a room of nearly the same color, and may just have to go with the same ruddy/orange/wood accents.

  • That palette and those textures are incredible. I’ve been stuck on grey and yellow for a while- this is seriously inspiring me to add a couple more colors. Lovely home!

  • Jennifer has really created a serene and cozy space. I have a newer home too and am always looking for ways to make it feel “special”. I was pleasantly surprised by how many objects we have in common!

  • Thanks for having me Grace and Amy!

    The paint color in the living room/kitchen/entry is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter and the color on the bedroom wall is Benjamin Moore Dolphin. The little hallway with the accordion rack is painted with Farrow & Ball’s Mizzle.

  • I love all the textiles and candles and pottery in Jennifer’s home – so pretty. And I especially love Odette jewelry!!

  • Really beautiful and inspiring. Love the ethnic inspired textiles and the ceramics in the kitchen. Adorable!

  • Beautiful! I especially love the reading corner–it took me a second to realize the mirror wasn’t another window, and now I want to use that idea all over my house!

    But please, do share the paint colors! They are all so soothing and clean.

  • Love! Where are the coffee table and the tall standing floor lamp by the window and mirror from?

  • My favorite house tour yet. Love all of the tribal pillows and LOVE the large painting you did in the dining room. I am going to steal your idea of adding large mirrors by windows to brighten our dim dining room! Thanks for sharing.

  • This is a gorgeous home!
    That bedroom looks so warm and cosy. Thanks for sharing the paint colours, Jennifer.

  • I could spend a lot of time looking at these photos – and I probably will!

  • Always lovely, Jennifer! I love the palette. Nice to see how people warm up the new construction so ubiquitous in our ‘hood!

  • This is probably one of my favorite sneak peeks ever.

    Now I can love her jewelry….and her apartment! : )

  • i have always loved the combination of grey tones + wood. throw a little orange/peach in there, and this becomes one amazing palette.

  • Ah…..SO happy & excited to see lovely & darling Jennifer’s home here. I adore her, her jewelry and no surprise that her home is as elegant, thoughtful, lovely and serene as she is. So happy to know her, wear her gorgeous pieces and call her friend. Thanks for this!

  • I love this look…it’s simple, but interesting at the same time. Everything has its place–like the items in the open shelving in the kitchen. A perfect mix and white, natural and wood…and the ever changing jewelry display…brilliant.

  • I also would love to know where coffee table is from! Very nice mood and textures in house. Bravo

  • I love the greys and splashes of color and textures. I’m dying to know where she got the double sinks….love them!

  • Pretty, but an antique rug in the kitchen? It would worry me too much…

  • It’s great to see the relationship between an artist’s living area and her work. Her attention to detail is so obvious in all the carefully chosen objects like the rugs, Staghorn Fern, and wall art.

  • Jeni and Steve…your apartment truly has panache. Cool grays become warm and inviting when they’re turned into taupey tones. Of course the gorgeous coral and aqua add splashes of fun to the organic peaceful surroundings. I recommend BMoore Revere Pewter all the time. Dolphin (gray) from the Affinity color group is just 1 of many fabulous colors, including other warm neutral grays. Such a peaceful and serene atmosphere…lovely. Love you both!

  • What a crazy small world this is–my fiance, Kevin, went to high school with Jennifer’s brother! Jennifer, I’ve never met you but your home is lovely and your jewelry line is so inspiring and beautiful :)

  • i love this space and all you beautiful textiles. I especially love your kitchen area. Where did you purchase your record player? it’s so sleek.

  • Love how calm this home feels. And so welcoming too. Love the little bits of color, they lend a wonderful warmth.

  • these are the kind of sneak peeks that truly inspire me. what a peaceful retreat! its sweet, simple, homey, natural and clean. doable and inspiring. loving the throws, rugs, pillows and baskets. best!

  • Wow, such an inspiring, peaceful and original space. Thank you for sharing your home Jennifer!

    I just can’t help myself, I have to ask, where is the soap dispenser in the bathroom from? I absolutely love it!

  • I’m looking for a coffee table just like that – where is it from? Love your home!

  • Beautiful serene home. Love the calm colors. Where is the record player from?

  • I loved this post. Everything in the apartment looks so thoughtful and meaningful. Really something to remember when out shopping!

  • I love how they took a modern apartment and really gave it some eclectic character, so pretty :)

  • I am in love with this entire apartment, everything. i love love love the bedroom linens and i love the color palette. Honestly, i just want to move right in, and bring my little jack russell. Seriously tho, so beautiful, i love your jewelry and your home, thank you for sharing, – with love, briana

  • This is my favorite sneak peak yet, from one of my favorite jewelry designers!

    I especially love the floor lamp in the reading corner and the lamp in the bedroom. Any chance on sharing sources for those two?

  • This is beautiful! We are about to move into a new Brooklyn place and it’s such a relief to know it’s possible to add tons of personal, eclectic character to new bones. Can you please share where you found the bedroom curtains? They’re perfect.

  • Very nice Jeni! I need to make a visit sans kids for some needed relaxation at your quite and peaceful home. xoxoxoxoxo

  • LOVE! I contacted Jennifer via email a few weeks back because I saw a single picture of her bedroom and wanted to know (1) where she got her wall lamps and (2) if there were any more pictures of her home I could see. She was so sweet and responsive. I bought the lamps (on sale even!) and I eagerly checked here every Monday to see if her home was featured (she told me it would be soon). I’m so glad I did….the home is such an inspiration!

  • I have one of her necklaces! About four years ago my mom and I found her at a market downtown, and I fell in love with the jellyfish necklace in the photo with all the necklaces on the wall. It appeared under the christmas tree that year and is still one of my most beloved pieces of jewelry. Thank you so much for this! Beautiful!

  • Thanks again!

    A few notes to answer some of your questions:
    The rug in the entryway is by chilewich
    Record player is by pro-ject RPM
    Soap dispenser in the bathroom is from target
    We had the curtains made from natural linen lined with blackout material.
    The curtain rod and rings are from west elm and so is the floor lamp by the armchair

  • Any news on the coffee table?! I would love to find one like it for my apartment!


  • Such a gorgeous space, it is going straight to my inspiration folder. It is such a great lesson in keeping neutrals interesting. I have a staghorn fern, but never thought to mount it on the wall like that – any tips on how to do it? Thanks so much for letting us into your home!

  • I’m obsessed with the textile on the headboard. Any info on where that is from? Material? Anything? This is such a gorgeous feature!!

  • What a beautiful and peaceful space. I love that grey allows all your other treasures to stand out. A perfect backdrop to you amazing jewelry! May I ask where you found for sink basin and fixtures. It is exactly what I have been looking for (and would fit the space) for our bathroom that we are tackling next. I would GREATLY appreciate it!

  • I cannot get over the striking simplicity of the woven rugs and pillows in this home – the muted colors against the soft grey backround provide a sense of calm without dulling out the space. Love it!

  • The simple use of the Xeographica on the coffee table is gorgeous! And the Staghorn on the wall.. Designing with Bromeliads and air plants is such joy – they are the most versatile and always make a statement.

  • Hello Jennifer,
    big fan of your jewellery, and nice to see a bit of your very serene house. Beautiful!
    Would you be able to tell me what kind of record player you have? The one pictured in the photograph with your parents teak sideboard. Thank you in advance, and looking forward to your SS12 collection.

  • I am deciding colours for my new home.
    I love the colour throughout and the grey-green at the sleeping room.
    I would love to know which colours are them, specially the one throughout since looks different depending on the light.
    Are the doors and skirting board completely white? or do they have any colour?

    Thanks in advance

  • Do you have a source for the pillow on the left (i.e. in between the blanket and the far right pillow) as well as the blanket, both on the couch? Love them all!

  • Beautiful palette. Where is the couch from as well as the coffee table its pictured with? (3rd picture down – featured with kilim pillows)

  • Everything looks so amazing, well except the feathers painting – it really scares me, there’s something about it lol!

  • Absolutely love the pastel pink southwestern blanket on the grey couch – where can I find it? Lovely apartment!!