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A Modern Catskills Getaway

by Amy Azzarito

When I moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, seven years ago, my favorite store was located just around the corner from my apartment: a women’s boutique named Canary with a men’s store, Oak, across the street. It quickly became my go-to spot, and I would frequently pop in just to chat with the girls working in the store. Since then, Oak and Canary combined to become one store, Oak, which has grown into a full lifestyle brand with a clothing line, magazine and three retail locations (the Williamsburg location remains one of my favorite places to learn about trends). So I was so thrilled to get a little peek inside the home of one Oak’s owners, Jeff Madalena. Jeff owns this home in the Catskills with his equally aesthetically minded partner, Jason Gnewikow, who is a partner and creative director at Athletics, a New York-based design studio. The space is a reflection of how their different styles complement each other. The lines of the home are more modern, while the furniture and accessories — things the couple has collected over the years — add an eclectic feel, making the home warmer. Thanks, Jason and Jeff! — Amy Azzarito

Image above: The fireplace was originally brick that we re-faced with hand-troweled concrete. The chair was an odd garage sale find that is sort of a mid-century-style love seat. We stripped it, pickled it and reupholstered the cushions in a geometric black and white Anni Albers print. The ceilings in the great room are pine shiplap stained white.

Image above: The tub is a black-bottomed claw-foot tub; we painted the bottom flat black (can’t remember what kind). Several fixtures in this room were sourced from really random places. The tub fill is a brass spigot, originally used for a laundry basin, and found on eBay. Subway tile on the walls and Carrara mosaic tile for the floors.

See more of Jason + Jeff’s Catskill home after the jump . . .

Image above: Pretty straightforward minimal bedroom. We replaced what was originally a garage door with a floor-to-ceiling picture window. The throw is a charcoal gray wool army blanket. Linens are from Ikea. The floors are reclaimed barn wood. The bed frame is a super-low platform made from reclaimed floor joists.

Image above: The kitchen is positioned at one end of the great room. We do a lot of entertaining in the summer, so this makes it easy for everyone to be in the same place and also provides easy access to the outdoors where we eat a lot. Pretty simple — Ikea cabinets, butcher-block countertops paired with a Fisher Paykel refrigerator and range.

Image above: The table here is a 10-foot-long dining table. We found the top at a barn sale and constructed the base out of reclaimed 4 x 4s. These are just some bits and bobs that live in frequent rotation at the end of the table. The windows are old factory windows we found at a salvage yard.

Image above: The closet door took us forever to find since we had to source the door after we had the framing done. We finally found it at a barn sale in Stone Ridge, NY. The light fixture is an industrial table lamp we found at the Brooklyn Flea Market. We embrace the low to high — simple white bed linens and pillows from Ikea, throw pillows are Belgian linen from a company called Libeco bought at High Falls Mercantile in High Falls, NY. The print is a Josef Albers print from the 1972 Munich Olympics. The paint color is Benjamin Moore Sidewalk Grey in flat.

Image above: This old chair has followed us around from apartment to apartment. We bought it years ago at Macy’s. We replaced the feet on it because it was a bit tall, but it’s actually super comfortable, and the scale works better in a large room. The throws are Libeco Belgian linen from High Falls Mercantile.

Image above: This is the hall that connects the upstairs bedrooms and bath to the great room. We stained the floors black throughout the entire upstairs using India ink for a true black. Windows in the hall and one wall of the living room were rehabbed factory windows.

Image above: This one is a bit tricky to photograph. On the opposite side of the vanity wall is an open shower. The pillar wall shares all the plumbing for both the sink and shower. Sink basin is Duravit, the faucet is an industrial wall mount from Chicago Faucets and the cabinet is from Robern.

Image above: This was our main bedroom before completing work on the downstairs master. The bedrooms are all pretty modest in size. White bed linens and pillows from Ikea. The throws are Libeco Belgian linen from High Falls Mercantile, the wall hanging is actually a hammock we bought in Tulum, Mexico, and the print next to the bed is a Cy Twombly print we bought in Paris. The color in this room is Benjamin Moore Stormy Monday in flat.

Image above: This is definitely where we spend the most time. The lighting is a cluster of Nelson pendants; the sofa is the Long Life sofa from Ihreborn we got at Scandinavian Grace. The big picture window in the background we designed to echo the shape of the adjacent hallway. The wall color here and in every other room except the two bedrooms is Benjamin Moore White Diamond. It’s a super crisp bright white.

Image above: We had to build up the floors for this room, as it had previously been a garage. We used reclaimed barnwood for the floors throughout. The color palette is primarily black and white down here. The doors are some old store doors we found at a salvage yard and painted black. The photos in the background are by NYC artist Ellen Frances and were made for an Oak in-store gallery event.

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  • beautiful beautiful beautiful. From the black-bottomed claw foot tub to the potted plants on cake stands and the perfectly fitted barn doors. This home is pure bliss!

  • Be still my heart…I am madly in love!!! Such wonderful details. This home nearly took my breath away.

  • Amazing. Any idea what the plant containers in photo 4 (kitchen, container with fir branches to the left) and the bathroom photo are? I know I could source them somewhere but don’t know what they are called. Thanks!

  • I love the colors, the feel the calm with the pop of pink. Absolutely wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  • I love the color palette and all the potted plants. The natural light and choice of materials convey such an elegant, easygoing mood. That pink couch is fantastic and keeps things interesting.

  • I really enjoyed this Sneak Peak! There are a few times that I wish I could see the outside of the house and this is one of them! I’m so curious as to what the exterior is and how it relates to the interior.

  • I normally do not comment on the sneak peeks; this one is compelling enough to do so. The only thing missing is more photos. Bravo.

  • Love this serene space! I’m not a pink fan or maybe as a girl I’m just used to fight the stereotype (I’ve always been passionate for red though)but since last year I’ve been seriously drawn to pink like a moth to a flame! From accent pillows, chairs and cowboy boots. I like the modern feel it gives or even a sense of humour. Your couch is fabulous and works so well with the grey, white and natural elements. It’s like a shout in a quiet zone.

    I chilled all weekend with the amazing book Design Sponge at Home and a the sight of a pink bedroom from Dave Alhadeff I was simply overwhelmed with this urge to get some bubblegum paint for one accent wall. Apparently the colour creates this happy soothing mood that is hard to fight. I often fight depression and anxiety and this winter makes it hard so maybe it’s why I crave it. I was hesitating and wondering how to tell my husband but your lovely couch is like a sign to just go for it!! ;)

  • @ Tisha, I thought the exact same thing. Seldom do I wish to see the outside but this was so cool I wondered what the outside looked like in relation to the inside. GREAT POST!!

  • I love the whitewashed pine ceiling and the grey grout with the white subway tiles – stunning!
    Such a simple but interesting house, love it.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Love the Munchen 1972 Olympic poster. My mom was in that Olympics for the Canadian Gymnastic team and we have some great posters integrated in our home design as well. All the posters I have seen have been great pieces of modern art.

  • This is my favorite sneak peek ever. A perfect example of a modern interior that is totally warm and inviting. The resourcefulness and design skill here is to be respected. Well done.

  • I adore the mix & match windows, esp. the idea of the window which mirrors the adjacent hallway. Genius!

  • What a special place! Jeff and Jason, I love picturing your home full of friends and laughter. Even in the photos, it feels full of joy. I admire your design decisions too! The factory windows are particularly incredible, and the basic white linens are a graceful touch.

  • this is fabulous. and kind of fills me with local pride — Scandinavian Grace is a nearly unknown but amazing source for great danish modern, and High Falls Mercantile is just the best. I may even know that barn sale you’re talking about, if it’s near the post office in Stone Ridge. Love what you’ve done with the place.

  • über-cool, wonderful, simply stunning. I could do without the bed literally on the floor and wish the ‘inhabitants’ strong muscles and bones and no health problems but honestly, this is one of the most honest, simple but gorgous insides I’ve peeked at from here, across the pond…. I ADORE the light you’ve got – I think this makes it really so brilliant. And I love how you worked with salvaged goods, it shows your good taste, impeccable judgment and since I’m a ‘brocante’ junkie too, I am utterly pleased to see when somebody gives new life to a ‘pre-loved’ article. BRAVO – c’est adorable!

  • Just beautiful. I love a B&W color scheme. I’m moving in! I’m stealing the dark grout with the white subway tile idea for our next bath upgrade. Really sharp!

  • what an awesome home you guys have. The ceilings, walls and floors make a perfect backdrop for your interior. Also like the windows a lot. And staining a floor with indian ink, who would have thought? It looks great though.

  • Wow. So humbled by all the kind comments! Thanks folks.

    Sourcing, decorating and designing the house has been a real labor of love and a crazy learning experience. Grace, it never occurred to me there might be a Promise Ring comment! So funny…and timely I suppose.

    I just wanted to chime in a answer a few of the questions.

    Heidi: The planters have just been picked up here and there, they are pretty pervasive at antique shops and barn sales upstate. I think they are just old pickling crocks. We just love the neutral color…the trick is finding them cheap because they vary wildly in price. They’re great for everything from kitchen utensils to planters…we even use them for our dogs toys.

    Tisha: We would love to show pictures of the outside but she’s not really ready for her close up. The exterior of the house is all Pine shiplap siding stained black which is quite a contrast from the white inside. Still lots of landscaping to be done!

    Meredith: The house IS actually on a dead end street!

    BADHOMEPERM: Staining the floors was actually quite simple, the india ink goes on pretty even with the first coat and then another touch up coat. It’s aged really beautifully too…

  • so wonderful!! I am in love!
    hey, i just noticed the typeface here..is it new?
    i do not remember it being so inviting..what
    is it called?

  • I think they spend most time in living room with the pink couch because it must feel good to FINALLY absorb some color. The rest of the house looks a bit down around the mouth with a total lack of color. I’d be depressed in such an environment. I love organic, rough-hewn, etc., but there have been better examples on D*S of how to do it using color.

  • This is my favorite sneak peek of all time. I pinned pretty much all of these onto Pinterest. So amazing.

  • Your home is inspiring. The colour schemes, the beautiful pieces put together, the pink couch, amazing! I love the nature vs. modern look, and how the ceiling looks like hardwood flooring; the various wood used throughout the home, and not to mention that bath tub! love, love, love :)

  • LOVE IT……….SO MUCH…..everything about IT….SUCH GREAT TASTE and styling…Thank You for sharing, your incredible space..

  • So gorgeous! I love the hammock above the bed – what a neat idea, and the texture of it is amazing!

  • Beautifully done… and as I am currently in negotiation on my own fixer-upper in the Catskills, it is nice to see what is possible!

  • Gorgeous space guys. The details are delicious. Über stylish. Relaxed. Real. No trying too hard.

  • Do you know where the table/credenza is from? The one in the black floor hallway that connects the bedrooms to the great rooms?

  • I realize that this sneak peek was posted almost two years ago now, but I keep coming back to it. Dream house. Everything is literally perfect.

  • Stunning! I know this is old, but what is the stain on the pine ceiling? (I know it’s white, but a specific one? Love the look.)

    Also, SO sad High Falls Mercantile is no more. It was lovely.

  • I have a beautiful dress that still looks totally original and stylish purchased from Canary years ago. I love the space! Can’t wait to see your plans for your new home Grace… Exciting. ;)

  • The decor is still so relevant. Great house. Proves once again, I need a pink couch.

  • Where did you find your bathroom sink? I am looking for one exactly like that and have not been able to find one with that depth.

  • Love the Black flooring. Was it 100% India ink or India ink mixed with stain? Would love more details on how to! Thanks!