sneak peek: best of patterned floors


I’ve always had a thing for patterned floors. I think they remind me of my travels and how different patterns can have different meanings. It’s fun to think of the floor as an accessory that helps to bring furniture alive. We’ve seen a wide range of floors in the sneak peeks, but today’s Best Of is a look at some fun alternatives. — Anne

Image above: The dining room in the Barcelona home of Lisi and Alex

Image above: Enrique Arellano and Libia Moreno’s entryway in their Mexico City home

Image above: Catherine Weis’ hand-painted floors

There are 20 more patterned floors after the jump!

Image above (and the two below): The amazing patterns in the Marrakesh home of Caitlin and Samuel of Popham Design

Image above: Entry hall in the Paris apartment of Elodie Laleous

Image above: Kajsa Aronsson’s colorful kitchen

Image above: Kimberly Austin’s hexagon-tiled kitchen floor

Image above: Ramin Shamshiri’s kitchen leads out to a courtyard, where the family spends most of their time.

Image above: Elisabeth Dunker’s Swedish kitchen

Image above: Jessica Helgerson uses tiles to create a reverse border treatment.

Image above: Karen Barlow’s polka dot Cath Kidston stair runner and salvaged tile floor from an old cinema foyer

Image above: The Barcelona “office” of Lila & Tom

Image above: Detail of the same floor at Lila & Tom, where each pattern resembles a rug

Image above: Max Wanger’s black and white kitchen floor

Image above: Caitlin Mociun’s big checkboard floor

Image above: Faux woodgrain bathroom floor in the home of Angela and Barkley of Post 27

Image above: A subtle touch on Raina Kattelson’s daughter’s floor

Image above: Sandra Haischberger’s open kitchen

Image above: Alyn Carlson and Paul Clancy’s striped floor

Sarah Bosserman

Lovely rooms!! I’ve always wanted to paint my floors, but I’m a bit scared about messing up! I think I’ll give it a go though with some maskers tape. Beautiful post, I really like the second room!

Tanya @ Lovely Greens

Gorgeous! The Moroccan styled ones are my favs but the stencil on wood is also a great idea. It’s amazing how easily an entire room changes once the floor is decorated.


I agree with Tanya that the Moroccan styles are the best! But I am also in love with all the hexagon tiles! My dream bathroom would have those!


This is an awesome idea for a post! I can’t believe how many different patterned floors there are out there. The polka dots are priceless.


I wish someone would come out with a reproduction of the old Sears linoleum flooring from the 1930s and 1940s…they would be a hit, I would think, especially with the retro kitchen crowd. You just have to look at the old catalogues from World War II for inspiration. In the meantime, I’ll just knit until someone (maybe me!) gets on the linoleum kick.

Bridget from Refined Vintage

Very inspiring just adding some paint and creativity can awaken a whole room! I really like the big patterns like The Weis’ hand painted floor.

I have my guest bath done in the same classic black & white tile as Max Wanger’s kitchen floor. I picked it because it is a classic pattern, which goes well with the eclectic mix I have, and it will never really become dated. Now it is trendy too!

Leanne Lang

I love all of these different floors and how they integrate with the walls and furniture. Each room was like looking at a new painting. love it.


Stunning selection … The beauty of it overwhelms me. I love the way design has gone in these times. Wonderful to see, thank you for sharing them.

julie @ tractorgirl

gorgeous stuff,! I have an enormous love of pattern, love seeing it mixed and matched. The floor is such a great canvas to work with. Especially fond of Lila & Tom’s Barcelona tiled floor (although I’ve also got my eye on that collection of plates in Elizabeth Dunker’s kitchen…).


Some really great floors. My favourite would have to be the Marakesh floors, particularly the one in the outdoor courtyard. I am also really impressed by the furniture and the doorways in that photo.

Phyllis Nourie

Just lovely…every one. Finally glad that someone is appreciating something besides carpet and laminate floors. Keep it coming

Joan G

I have a very boring and hard to keep clean, while lino kitchen floor. I can’t afford a kitchen reno for quite a while, but would love to try painting some Moroccan /Mexican style tiles. I wonder how they would last??


our family house in mexico is wall to wall, local, matte-finish tile inside and out (bedrooms, kitchen, patio) — all in fussy, hand painted, white and pink swirls, created like cappuccino-art by running a stick through wet colors. it’s so particular and ever-present that the pattern evokes memories the way aromas usually do.

Glenda Berry

Do you think I can pull up my nasty carpet, which exposes plywood flooring, and paint over the plywood?


Beautiful! Are there any flooring companies making ‘vintage’ linoleums? There are some truly beautiful ones!


Beautiful! Are there any flooring companies making vintage or patterned linoleums?