sneak peek best of: fireplaces

The chilly nights here in Martha’s Vineyard make me want to cozy up to some of the amazing fireplaces we’ve been fortunate enough to feature over the years in D*S sneak peeks. From working and non-working fireplaces to faux, painted and covered mantles, these amazing home owners have showcased it all and I hope their fireplaces (35 of our faves) will inspire you as much as they’ve inspired me. xo, grace

Image above: The fireplace from Lucy Allen Gillis’ home.

Image above: Emma Cassi’s bedroom fireplace.

Image above: A cool, blue fireplace belonging to Cathy and Robin of Heath Ceramics.

Image above: Toni Brogan‘s rustic upstate fireplace.

Image above: Jessica Lynch’s amazing fireplace. See the “before” story here!

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Image above: Barbara Berrada’s amazing pink fireplace.

Image above: Tassy from Sprout Home’s cheery yellow and white fireplace.

Image above: Jill Malek’s stylish white fireplace.

Image above: Adrienne Labelle’s Brooklyn fireplace accented with pink and yellow.

Image above: Adelle Robinson‘s rustic fireplace.

Image above: Beci Orpin‘s chic all-white fireplace.

Image above: Jenny Sauer‘s fireplace.

Image above: Andy Beers’ fireplace. I love the interior painted pink!

Image above: Helen Palmer’s homey fireplace.

Image above: The fantastic fireplace from Ellen Lupton and Abbott Miller’s Baltimore home.

Image above: Actress and comedienne Amy Sedaris’ quirky brick fireplace.

Image above: Emma Cassi’s apartment is blessed with two chic fireplaces.

Image above: Brad Dufton’s wallpaper-accented fireplace.

Image above: Like Emma, Helen Palmer has two cute fireplaces to her name, as well.

Image above: I love the rustic, less-structured feel of Sherry Stein’s fireplace.

Image above: I’d love to read a book in Sarah Ridgley’s orange fireside chair.

Image above: Or maybe this red chair in Stacy Pancake’s bedroom fireplace would be a nice place to rest . . .

Image above: Rinne Allen’s tall brick fireplace.

Image above: A perfectly styled fireplace display in the home of Julie from Famille Summerbelle.

Image above: I love the artwork above Liz Demos’ Savannah fireplace.

Image above: Olivia San Mateo’s fireplace. If you don’t have a real mantle, just use a shelf to create one above the fireplace like Olivia!

Image above: Carol Neily’s amazingly gorgeous antique fireplace in France (on the left).

Image above: I love the carving in the center of Abby Clawson’s fireplace.

Images above: You don’t see a lot of black fireplaces, but Vanessa Dina’s is seriously gorgeous.

Image above: Abbey Nova‘s pretty double-decker fireplace mantle.

Image above: Jocie Sinaeur’s New Hampshire fireplace.

Image above: Maxine Sutton’s wallpaper-framed fireplace.

Image above: Emma and James of 1973‘s blue-tiled fireplace.

Image above: Maya’s Brooklyn fireplace, filled with her skeleton collection.

Image above: Andrew Sidford’s log-filled fireplace in London.

Cassandra Marie

Oh man, I sooo wish we had a fireplace in our apartment! Sadly, I think we’re going to have to wait until we can afford an actual house.



love it. very inspiring. wish there were a few corner fireplace ideas – those corner coves are tricky.


Perfect timing for this as fall begins to set in….I am as captivated by the chairs as I am by the fireplaces ….especially those brown sort of faux bois wing chairs in Rinne Allen’s pic – who says wing chairs can’t be fun?


Horray! Thanks for the gorgeous ammunition for my never-ending argument with my husband over whether we should paint our very dark, very blah brick fireplace!


Great post! Even though it is 80+ in Dallas, I have Fall Fever in the worst way. Loved these gorgeous fireplaces and even more gorgeous settings.


I adore fireplaces – my dream one is at the Ahwahnee Lodge in Yosemite. Can’t wait to have a house with a fire going!


Thank you thank you thank you! I have been hemming and hawing over our fireplace, and have had such a hard time over the last half year finding pictures and ideas to inspire me on both you site and others. You made my day!


Yummy! I need ideas for our “kiva” fireplace. Corner type with a “banco”, bench in english. And it goes all the way to the raised ceiling, which is 22 feet! Currently painted to resemble baby poo! Any ideas? Anyone?


Love the north-woods themed one. This post makes me want to grab a book and a blanket and snuggle up!

Laguna Dirt

these fireplaces are so creative and amazing! i just posted some pics of a cool one my friend made of driftwood and ocean rocks.


I absolutely heart what you did with the floor paint continuing onto the coffee table in your living room! Very creative/artistic/inspiring and unique!