restore storage basket

Yesterday our first major piece of office furniture arrived (a sofa!), and it immediately triggered my desire to start organizing our supplies. As much as I love closed storage, little tubs and baskets better suit my need for “easy to reach” storage. These soft Restore baskets are colorful and made from recycled PET bottles. Designed by Mika Tolvanen for Muuto, these baskets would be great for holding anything from paper goods and props to shoes by the door. Click here to check out the color options and shop online. xo, grace


Seriously. These are awesome but no amount of awesomeness will have me shelling out $115 for 1 basket!


I can actually foresee theses storage baskets being pretty well used in the kids’ room or in the bathroom! You’re right about easy access though, the items you put in has to be used rather frequently so that you can avoid dust collecting on everything since it’s an open top.