pom pom parade

Everyone’s got an inner child, but mine seems to be demanding more attention these days. From my uncontrollable desire to eat brownies for breakfast to my refusal to put away my clothes like I should, my inner child is holding court in a major way. In addition to the excess sweets and household laziness, I find myself drawn to pom poms in an almost obsessive way. This tiny, cheerful decorative detail has always been a favorite of mine, but I swore them off for a few years because I knew they did little to help me convince people that I was 30 and not 20. I’ve always had a soft spot for somewhat child-like design, but there’s something about those dangly little pom poms that make me weak in the knees. So it goes without saying that I’m pretty tempted by these pom pom curtains at Anthropologie. And what’s that? They come in red and navy blue? My inner child and outer adult are equally delighted. I can see someone integrating these in a more minimal interior so that the “whimsical” part of the pom poms are neutralized a bit, but the kid inside me longs to pair them with the sheet set below. It would be an explosion of happy dangling fabric. xo, grace


I share your affection for pom poms, and I’m annoyed that the pom pom lined bed skirt at urban outfitters doesn’t come in a king size.


I had the very same red pom-poms bordering the curtains and bedspread in my childhood room-I liked them much more than the ruffles and sashes in my friend’s rooms, and they went so much better with fuzzy flocked wallpaper. I, too, have never quite let them go-I find bolts of sixties and seventies pom poms at flea markets and grab them up. For a while I didn’t know why, exactly – how fixated could I really be about childhood curtains, or the blue poms with bells attached to my ice skates? But they found their way into my art work, and because of that, my adult life. So, yes yes yes to pom poms!


My bedroom as a teenager had white pom-poms on white curtains that looked just like these at anthro. They were fun, but looked ridiculous with the rest of my room and I got rid of them. I guess they’re a bit cooler than I thought, if Anthro’s selling them!


These curtains are making my day. I’m thinking about adding kelly green poms to my sheer white ikea curtains now…


I also made my own curtains like this with some inexpensive Ikea curtains and I even used stitch glue to attach the pompoms. They looked great, were sturdy and inexpensive and no-sew!


What fun curtains! I’ll need to keep that in mind if I ever get to making curtains for my kitchen…


Cute! But the Anthropologie price tag isn’t as tempting. These look like a great candidate for a DIY though!


I absolutely love the tassels. I could do it myself but I would worry about feeding them to the washing machine..