pillow madness: kevin o’brien

by Grace Bonney

I remember when I started Design*Sponge, someone asked me an odd question during an interview. They said, “If you had to choose between being a pillow or a chair, which would you be?” I wondered why they chose those two objects, but I ultimately settled on the chair because, well, I’d rather be something sturdy and functional than soft and fluffy. That exchange came to mind when I was looking at these pillows by Kevin O’Brien at ABC Home. I couldn’t decide which one I loved the most and found myself thinking, “Hmm . . . I’d totally switch if I could be one of these pillows.” Then I realized how crazy that sounded and forced myself close the laptop and go outside for a bit.

Kevin’s pillows embrace a trifecta of my favorite trends: ombre, teal green and velvet. He even manages to combine all three in the pillows above. If these don’t make you want to throw away (or swap out) your current pillows for new ones, I don’t know what will. I know I might be tempted to make the trek into the city tomorrow to see these in person, or at least rub my face against the green velvet one. That sucker is gorgeous. Click here to check out these pillows ($36–$158 each) at ABC Home online.

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  • lovely….. I particularly love the marble print. I once saw a coffee table in Domino magazine covered in marble wall paper and it was stunning! This pillow has exactly the same feel! Love the color used on the velvet and the prices are good too! Clearly I love the collection ;)

  • I dye fabrics and I really appreciate the his design/patterning. My favorites are the really free form styles with random bits of color.

  • A friend of mine just posted this on Facebook…thought you would enjoy it…

    ‎”Persons, places, things … time itself is a mystery. You know, like, who can explain it? It’s really difficult to define anything.

    What’s slow can speed up. Love can turn into hate. Peace can turn into war. Pride can turn into humility. Anger to grief.

    How would you define a simple thing like a chair, for instance—something you sit on? Well, it’s more than that. You can sit on a curb, or a fence. But they are not chairs. So what makes a chair a chair? Maybe it’s got arms? A cross has arms, so has a person. Maybe the chair doesn’t have arms? Okay, so it’s a post or a flagpole. But those aren’t chairs. A chair has four legs. So does a table. So does a dog. But they’re not chairs either.

    So a chair is a mystical thing. It’s got a divine presence”

    – Bob Dylan said that.

  • We sell these pillows in our showroom, and I never tire of looking at them. The rich velvet colors instantly update our vintage and antique pieces, from french settees to bamboo side chairs. I can’t get enough of Kevin’s pillows! So happy to see them on your site this morning.