patterns from above

Few things are as beautiful as the earth from above. Although I favored aisle seats on our 30-plus book-tour flights (faster for making connections), I typically prefer a window seat, so I can watch the landscapes below. These beautiful photos were taken by Brent Yaggi & Sarah Hicks from a Cessna 172. Based in Denver, Sarah and Brent have spent the last three years traveling across North America capturing these beautiful images. Whether they’re celebrating ground, water or sky, Brent and Sarah have found the beauty in every part of the earth. You can pick up an 18″ x 18″ print of their photographs right here for $100. Thanks to Anne for the tip! xo, grace


I love that! I’ve always thought how beautiful everything looks below when I fly, but the dirty airplane window was always a barrier to taking a picture of it. From Brooklyn with love ~jen


these are great – I always manage to have the dirty airplane window or shutter ruining the shot like Jen above!


Wonderful! I’ve always loved to take these kind of photos, but I’m blown away by the first one!


These same prints are featured in a sale on this morning. For $70 instead of $100. Odd to have them pop up in two places in my reader in one morning. But cool. Love a coincidence, especially on a Monday morning. And I love the images as well. My dad used to fly us around in a Cessna 172 when I was a kid.


These are on sale at today! It seems like design*sponge posts have coincided with a few items lately… is this planned?

Grace Bonney


No – the last Fab overlap was due to the designer not telling me about the sale. I was just told about this designer through our sneak peek editor, Anne who emailed these photographers about a sneak peek (which is in the process)

I don’t actually have a Fab membership so I don’t know what their schedule is. We also load our posts at least a day ahead of time (Here’s the email from the 23rd: Last time I didn’t appreciate the comments left by a Fab employee so I want to clear that up right away. We get submissions from people on a regular basis and they don’t always include information about upcoming sales or other promotions they’re doing.



Those are beautiful photographs! I don’t care how much they cost or where they come from, I just know i want some!


Tricia Rose

I always take a window seat when I can, and see amazing things: the Bungle-Bungles, Grand Canyon, tiny Pacific islands, and the salt-pans as you fly into SFO, stunning colours (and I HATE it when asked to lower my shade so other people can see some rotten movie…)

Rosane Tardin Chaves

I like a lot. There is an artist who works with aerial views to make the most beautiful carpets. I published about it in my blog. She is Liz Eeuwes of Glasgow/UK. Worth a visit. xox


Gorgeous shots, I love looking out airplane windows for just these types of views & these photos capture that experience beautifully!

Aerial photography

All the aerial photograph pictures are looking quite amazing. It looks like some has made some painting in a white paper. By the way thanks a lot for your blogging effort.