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outside in: worshipping winter citrus

by amym

Catching a winter cold? There is only one cure — a little vitamin C. The same holds true in the floral world; the bright spot on our winter horizon is the mountains of fresh, seasonal citrus fruits being harvested in Florida and California. If you’re lucky, you can find kumquats, oranges and lemons on the branch in gorgeous, mottled colors to use in arrangements or tablescapes, like this bouquet of winter flowers made in West Palm Beach. Florida happens year round, so here’s how to add some to your dreary winter days. — Amy Merrick

The humble orange — perfect for snacking or sipping but also a linchpin for many a florist in the cold months when attractive branches are scarce. The variety of winter citrus colors and sizes is astonishing. Lemons arrive in bright green or pale yellow, oranges in mottled greens and kumquats in deep tangerine. The foliage left on the branch makes a nice filler but can be removed so the fruit pops on its own.

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Winter flowers don’t have to be drab. This mix of citrus, ranunculus, tulips, croton, lady slippers, camomile and cut begonias scream tropical vacation, just what you’re likely to need right now.

When piled high, citrus makes a top-notch centerpiece. The key to an interesting grouping is to play with scale — tiny kumquats next to massive oranges keeps a cluster from looking like a grocery-store display.

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