new: dwellstudio bedding

As much as I loved making and sleeping under my Otomi-upholstered headboard for years, I’m ready to let it go. I miss having something more neutral that lets me use colorful and/or patterned sheets more often. All that pattern on the headboard meant that florals, stripes and other patterned bedding felt too busy. But thankfully I’m switching out the headboard and making room for some new patterns in my life. At the top of my list are these pretty new designs from DwellStudio, making their debut at the gift fair this weekend. Not only is Dwell debuting new duvet sets (Deco, Magnus, Scallop and Graphic Stripe are all $280 for a F/Q) but they’re launching some colorful new pillows ($72 each) with deco borders and- my favorite- zebras and lions. I’m hoping I can swing by the show and check them out in person, but they’ll be online and ready for sale in March. Until then I’ve chosen some of my favorites above and below- thanks to Molly for the peek! xo, grace

More images from the new collection after the jump…

Neada B

I love Dwell! I have a set and it comes out every summer. This stuff wears like iron–I wish I could afford more than one set–as it is, I got my current set on clearance! Thanks for this little bit of eye candy!


Green pillow! Zebra pattern! How Wes Anderson-ish :) Coming to my living room, asap.

Modern Country Lady

O, noooo ! Your Otomi headboard was epic- a legend!!
I guess you are right thought, it is an attention grabber and won’t probably take kindly to other patterns!!
Enjoy the new quiet and neutral headboard.


Does anyone know where the sand-colored upholstered bed frame is in the picture with the green/gray/white leaf duvet and green and white striped rug? Thanks!


i can’t find that green zebra pillow on their website, did anyone else find it? *wants*


Hi All! Than you so much for the comments. Everything you see pictured (beds, sofas, rugs, lamps, art, etc!) will be available on this spring!


Ohh no! I just made the headboard and was about to send you pics! It came out fabulous!


I think the sofa and the beds stole the show away from the textiles! I’m going to start saving now… can’t wait till spring!


i am so confused! i saw this and the b/w/green bedding looks identical to my duvet that i made in italy using the sicilia fabric from ikea, i actually had to zoom in a whole bunch to check because it is so very close, the main difference i can see is that this print doesnt have birds like mine does but i love that its the same color combo! im also proud its so similar to mine because i sewed mine completely by hand, (and my roommates’ too- so we’d match) on the dining room floor of our apartment the first week there in florence where everything is so gorgeous i couldnt stand going to sleep with the basilica di san lorenzo out my window then look down and see an ugly duvet, no thank you! but wow so crazy! cant wait to see more of this color scheme!

Lydia Lapwing

I’d really like to know where the red wellingtons come from 0 they are just my sort of red and nice and unfancy, too.


I don’t have a decorating bone in my body but I am loving the color grey right now! It seems to be a trend, and one I hope we don’t look back on and say, “What were we thinking?” I am in love with Dwell Studio as well. How can you not? But for now I find many of their things are out of my price range. Love this post!

nimota salami dairo

love it!!!! want one like that my bed just crumbled while i was sleeping….