I don’t know if it’s the cold weather or just my love of fabric and embroidery, but I’ve been spending an awful lot of time buried under blankets on my couch reading the most recent Land of Nod catalog. I don’t have a little one on the way any time soon, but I still read their catalog every month because it celebrates a handmade artist I love in a way that feels fresh and modern. Last month’s catalog has a simply breathtaking cover, which was created by the Australian twin sisters of maricor/maricar. After tweeting about my love for the cover, the Land of Nod team directed me to their post about the cover process (I love behind-the-scenes process posts!), and I was hooked. maricor/maricar does the most beautiful hand embroidery, from stunning statement pieces like the LON cover to smaller private commissions like the “Sweater Letters” below. I wouldn’t mind snagging that “G” sweater letter; it seems very winter appropriate. You can check out more of maricor/maricar’s work online right here. I dare you not to want at least one of their designs (especially the “be excellent” piece). xo, grace

*Land of Nod cover images via their blog.

More images of maricor/maricar’s work continue after the jump . . .


Wow! This makes me excited about embroidery again! I think I have a book on crewel stitching I’m going to have to dig out…


This is so beautiful! I used to do embroidery at school when I was little and your post makes me want to start again! Thanks!


Of all the traditional hand-work crafts being revived in recent years, embroidery is the one that makes me most excited. This is an amazing example of where it can be taken. Maybe it’s all the winter days I sat at my Nana’s diningroom table learning French knots and how to pull the thread through so that the fibers laid down smoothly. Thanks for passing their work along!

Lisa Belt

I inherited my great aunt’s boxes of embroidery floss when I was 7. They included a little book of stitches and I taught myself how to do it. I still have all the floss, the boxes, and the booklet. Now I just need lots of time and a sister to do it with me!

Yvette Claire

Wow, I remember going to school with two girls named Maricor and Maricar when I was in grade school. What are the odds that these could be the same girls? In any case, beautiful work!


Beautiful! I would LOVE to see a fabric guide…I come across great stuff all the time in magazines and online but when I need something it’s always a struggle to find it again then i’m stuck filtering through grandma’s polyester. You mention great new stuff but how about a full on guide, even in just a couple parts? Covering styles, designers and where to buy it? I live in a small town in Norway and need variety! (if i see another duck print i’ll scream) And it’s overwhelming at times to search online. I want to see everything- affordable and not-JUST fabric.