lyrics on vinyl

by Grace Bonney

While Amy and I were laying yet another layer of thick black paint on our office floors (let’s hope the fumes scare away the mice that have taken up residency between tenants), we took a break to snap some process shots. As we stood in the hallway, we met one of our new neighbors, who happens to be an audio engineer with an impressive vinyl collection. I’m not a vinyl collector myself, but I’ve always been impressed by people who put the time and care into maintaining a great collection. After we painted and I walked home, I stumbled onto a box of vinyl records that had been carelessly tossed on the side of the road and fairly scuffed up (which seems like it would be some sort of punishable hipster crime in my neighborhood). I cringed when I thought of what our new neighbor would think and wondered what sort of DIY project I could use them for now that they are un-playable. I’m still racking my brain for something clever, but these record-based pieces from artist Patrick Laurent of Quiet Boy Studio seem like a nice idea.

Patrick paints lyrics on old records and currently sells them through his Etsy shop. In addition to selections that are special to him, Patrick takes custom orders if you have lyrics that mean something to you. This would make a fun gift for someone’s birthday, wedding or anniversary, so if you’ve been trying to come up with a personalized gift, click here to check out Patrick’s current selections or order a custom piece. xo, grace

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