lulie wallace

Good morning, guys! I’m still in a post-Alt Summit haze today so I’m trying to tempt myself back into work with some beautiful paintings. These gorgeous pieces from Lulie Wallace are right in line with my floral obsession and remind me of the sunny Southern days. Lulie is based in Charleston, South Carolina where she works from her space at Redux Contemporary Art Center. Lulie shares my love of floral compositions and has painted dozens and dozens of variations on the classic theme. My favorites are above and below, but you can check out Lulie’s site, blog and shop right here. Thanks so much to Kelci for the tip! xo, grace

More images of Lulie’s work continue after the jump…

Hannah B.

I fell in *love* with these paintings on Pinterest and had no idea who it was! I’ll have to buy a print. So gorgeous!

Ashley Jeter

I am so thrilled to see Lulie’s work on this blog! She is an amazing artist with a heart of gold. It’s fun to see her success!


Initially I wasn’t in love with these paintings, but the more I looked at them, the more I started to appreciate them. As odd as it sounds what got me looking a second time were the thumbnails. There is beauty in retelling something in your own way. Thanks for the reminder!

Leigh Ann

saw this post this morning and immediately made contact with Lulie; she will be painting three florals for a 1920s bathroom that we are restoring. Her palettes and compostion are enchanting and will bring a fresh lift to this tiny space. So glad I found you, Lulie, and we are very excited for the paintings :)


I’m late to the party but wandered here via Anthropologie who has some of Lulie’s paintings for sale. I LOVE THEM. Looks like she has fabric coming out soon, wooohooo!