living in: the lion, the witch and the wardrobe


The holidays have come and gone. No more presents, no more cookies, no more twinkly lights — just an endless abyss of winter ahead. No story captures the magic of the never-ending cold months quite like The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, where after all, it’s been winter for a hundred years. The book held me spellbound as an elementary schooler, but I hadn’t revisited it since my school bus days. Unsurprisingly, the magic still holds. — Amy Merrick

1. Turkish Delight, $12; 2. Antique Leather Bag, $895; 3. Glass Icicles, $8; 4. Clear Tronchi Chandelier, $8800; 5. Glass Ornaments, $6; 6. Fireside Wingback, $3000; 7. Vintage Oushak Rug, $1195; 8. Antique Armoire, $7950; 9. Faux Fur Coat, $400

The second roundup and set of stills continue after the jump . . .

A perfect blend of grown-up English countryside and little-girl kooky animal houses, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe scratches all my stylistic itches. A stately manor, a beaver dam — I’d be happy in either. As long as there are fur coats and fistfuls of Turkish delight.

1. Wine Barrel Chandelier, $1598; 2. White Teapot, $22; 3. Woodland Wall Clock, $148; 4. Olive Suspenders, $9; 5. Fair Isle Socks, $30; 6. Red Striped Tablecloth, $98; 7. Beeswax Bottle Set, $108; 8. Beaver Sculpture by Georgia Gerber; 9. Round Pedestal Table, $2700; 10. Silver Horn Cups, $26

Melissa@Julia's Bookbag

COOLEST LIVING IN EVER! What a way to bring in the New Year! Love love love this sooooo very much. I’m ready for those Fairisle socks and that vintage Oushak rug to be delivered to my door ASAP, can you make that happen pretty please? :)

Heather Joy

Amy ~ You’re a genius! Makes me want to curl up in a fur coat of my own and sneak off into a special world… ;)

Andrea B

Oh …. love this on so many levels. I love the Narnia series and vintage-y things. How magical! It is bringing me back to my childhood when my mother would read the whole series to us over a period of time. Those were wonderful days.


My mom read us the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and the other books in the series when we were young. Thank you for using faux fur coats!

the misfit

I loved this movie (and I loved the book even more when I was an elementary schooler myself) and I’m glad you featured it. And I know this makes me a crab. But I do hope people are willing to look for competitive prices on things, so I have to share…

You can get an insanely fabulous antique armoires for under $1000 – this one is $650: And I’ve found you can have pretty much any vintage wingback you want (except maybe leather) for under $100. For example…working toward the look you chose, looks like this chair rings in at less than $100 (terrible picture, though): And this super-fancy chair is $550: And I’d have to go the opposite way on the coat. Don’t bother unless it’s real fur, and if you’re going to spend thousands, spend them there. Though I got my beautiful 3/4 length genuine sheared-mink coat at an antique mall for $35 :).

Beautiful pictures, though. Happy new year!


Wonderful! I adore the Narnia series, and I love the way it has been depicted in this recent set of films.
The one thing that I wish had been added was Mr. Tumnus’s house. But I do love the inside of the beaver damn.

This Farming Man

I loved the Narnia books, and I am dying to see this movie, but I was so traumatized by Aslan’s death in the cartoon version when I was a kid that I’m scared to watch it in real life…

Holly (The Apiarist)

This is beyond dreamy! The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe really opened my eyes to good literature when I was young, and this Living In is such a fun treat.

Kat from Jersey

Wow! This was the first book series I ever tackled, and the first I ever fell in love with, in 4th grade no less! Beyond dreamy is right. The novels were amazing, but they did a beautiful job with the movies. It’s funny to see Skandar Keynes (Edmund) grow six inches and age quite a bit during filming! And Tilda Swinton, what can I say, she’s The Swinton!


Very cool post, very professional looking! =) My compliments ^_^, greetings from Narni, Italy, known in the past as Narnia, the place that inspired the writer ;)