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living in: the african queen

by amym

As a little girl my grandfather once told me that Katharine Hepburn was the ideal women, classy and smart and ever since I’ve been slowly making my way through all of her movies. The African Queen has long been on my must-watch list, thanks to Hepburn, Bogart and my hope that it would remind me of my beloved Out of Africa. If the thought of a long, languid boat ride through the jungle heats up your winter night, then tune in now.  –Amy Merrick

1. Antique gin bottle, $39; 2. Brass anchor corkscrew, $39; 3. Rope knot doorstop, $41; 4. African Queen boat model, $990; 5. Split leaf philodendron, $9; 6. Antique pewter bowl, $48; 7. The Hill-side pocket square, $44; 8. Antique grape lug, $28; 9. Hand blown glasses, $12.

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Hepburn and Bogart make a dynamite pair as an ex-missionary and a gin-soaked steamboat captain on an adventure down the Ulanga River to head off a german gunboat. Swatting bugs and peeling leaches are small prices to pay for their edwardian rough and tumble style, plus for a sun soaked smooch with Bogart, I’d endure much worse.

1. Antique white enamel pitcher, $150; 2. Edwardian silk camisole, $550; 3. Horn comb, $7; 4. Sophie Conran teacup and saucer, $15; 5. Mosquito net, $19; 6. Sophie Conran teapot, $29; 7. Antique boots, $125; 8. Elleri blanket, $237; 9. Antique shaving mirror, $250; 10. Antique podium, $795.

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  • I used to love that movie when I was little!! I must have watched it 15 times. Seems like a weird movie for a little girl to like so much looking back on it lol. That rope door stop is pretty rad too.

  • Brilliant film! We never watched it when my Dad was alive as he couldn’t bear Katherine’s voice – I made up for it since though. Love that “happily ever after” ending!

  • I am so glad Edwardian styles are threatening to make an honest-to-goodness comeback. High-waisted skirts, pretty linen tops, lovely boots–it’s so lovely and not even totally impractical.

    I’m beside myself with giddiness to have furnished the footwear for this–thanks so much for selecting my boots!

  • On the topic of “Living in” posts, has anyone thought of doing a “Living in” of “Friends”? I was just watching some old episodes and started shopping for blue wine glasses and French posters and it occurred to me that I had never seen one.

  • I haven’t seen that movie for probably 30 years! Great to see the still shots, and anything nautical I dig. Every item is pretty great! Nice idea.

  • Weird I just watched this the first time last week. It was such a good movie and a great classic love story! I loved k. hepburn’s tenacity, what a lady! By the way its on Netflix instant!

  • I love this movie!! My husband and I went on a Bogart kick in the 90s after loving (more like obsessing over) Casablanca and found a few more gems like this movie. African Queen is great. It’s so romantic and funny in it’s subtle ways. A true classic. We had it on video in ’97 and then made sure to have it on DVD. We just watched it last week!

    About Living in, you should really do one on Invasion of the Body Snatchers! The 1978 version starring Donald Sutherland and Brooke Adams. The movie’s interiors have so much style (even if a little dark or creepy) that I kept pausing to check out the details. Seriously! Here is me hoping! ;)

  • Living in Rope would also be a pleasure to look at. Lots of little details in this 1948 Hitchcock classic. That is if you can distract yourself from the sinister plot. For a movie entirely shot in a bachelor’s pad, it’s not boring.

  • I ADORE this movie! Katherine Hepburn is one of my favorite actresses of all time, and she and Bogart just shine in this film. Definitely a classic – great Living In post!

  • I haven’t seen this film in about 20 years either, so I think I know what I’ll be doing when the moment comes along. My dad is a film freak, and expounds the virtues of this film too. Even those stills are what I would term ‘cinematic’….fantastic lighting, the mood really draws you in. I can’t wait to watch it again~ Thanks, Heidi

  • I just adore these movie & interieur design blogs. As a costumes designer I often think of different movies from the past that have touched me or inspired me. Your way of finding interieur designs that embrace the certain feeling of a movie is just GREAT. I am just loving it! I would love to have my bedrrom, kitchen, livingroom, office and bathroom furnished in different design themes from different movies. That would be amazing!
    Thanks for inspiring me! Malene Redder Ruby

  • Never have seen this film but adore the pieces you’ve shown. Would love to see you do the probably little known film ‘American Express’ ? may be the name or close to the card!. something like that, had one of the Bridges guys in it and Elisabeth Bauer. My ex bf found it charmingly silly. The style in there is really good, their apt is a beautiful Biedermeier. Back to this, that cami is so pretty and the boots! As for the style coming back, for some of us classic Lolitas, it never really left, please enjoy wearing as it makes one feel better.

  • I just love this movie. I’ve found it to be the ultimate comfort movie for long trips on the plane. Which is probably a weird thing to figure out but it’s just so engulfing and the scenery is to lush and refreshing. Definitely one of my favorites.

  • Please please please do a “Living In: The Desk Set”! As a soon-to-be Librarian, it’s one of my favorite movies! Katherine’s apartment in the movie is ridiculous.