leanne shapton

Winter has finally come to Brooklyn, so I’ve been loitering, virtually, around floral blogs. Besides images of fireplaces, the only other thing that makes me feel warm is seeing a sunny image of flowers. I’ve always had a fondness for floral paintings, but these pieces from Leanne Shapton are my absolute favorites. Her work feels rich, vibrant and fresh, just like flowers should be. I could stare at these all day. And considering my job requires me to have a laptop open at all times, I think I will. Click here to check out more of Leanne’s work online. xo, grace

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These are seriously beautiful. The saturation of the colours against dark background looks lucious. I’m aching to own one, or a few.


Wow! Such bright, vibrant paintings. I adore flowers but paintings of them often look so twee. Not these. I wouldn’t tire of one of these on my wall. And yes they have warmed me up.

Shannon G.

Beautiful! The watercolors are fantastic- I love things that are packed with color. Perfect for a gray winter day. Her work with lettering is wonderful too. Cheers Grace!


Abstract flowers are one of my favorite art subjects and Leanne’s work is such a gorgeous example of it!

What a great find, Grace!


What beautifully striking work! I feel like I can almost feel the flowers blooming as a stare. Love it!


She is such a stunning colorist– which honestly is something very hard to come by. Add to that the fact that she also paints book covers, and I think I’ve found a new artist to follow!


This artwork is so beautiful. I just love the flowers and all of the colors so deep and vivid.


I must echo the comment about her book, Important Artifacts. It is an incredible source of inspiration for me and I put her in a category with another heroine, Maira Kalman whose work I wait for impatiently. She is also one of the few people to whom I’ve actually sent a fan letter.

Vania Pinto

Gorgeous!.. I’d like to see them painted on fabric, scarf… fantastic!

Dana Marie

what amazing pieces. I love the vibrant use of the colors. Do you know if she sells any of her prints? I tried looking on her website but to no luck.