kirv outdoor furniture

by Grace Bonney

Earlier this week I ate lunch outside on an eerily warm January day. As much as I’m enjoying not having to not bundle up for freezing temperatures, it’s a little odd to be able to eat al fresco when I should be piling on another coat. But it seems to be warm enough that outdoor furniture is popping up in stores and in my inbox already. I thought I’d share some nice pieces that seem to make sense considering that- with a little heat lamp- most backyards in NYC seem warm enough to spend time in right now. These colorful outdoor benches were designed by the husband and wife team at Kirv in West Sussex. They design and hand make all of their seats, including their latest piece, the Kirv Otto that acts as a multi-functional table bench. The low height makes it easy for children to get up and down from the seat easily and the finish allows it stay in the yard for outdoor dining. If you want to check out more of Kirv’s modern outdoor furniture, click here to check out the full selection online. xo, grace

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