kent ambler’s dog series

If animal loving were a competitive sport, I’d be a first-degree black belt. Most of my free time is spent spoiling my cats rotten, so when I see a submission that includes animals of any kind, I’m instantly intrigued. Artist Kent Ambler created this dog-themed installation at Art and Light Gallery in South Carolina using found wood. Each dog and dog house is cut and painted by hand and placed throughout the gallery to create one heck of an adorable installation. While I may be more of a cat person, I’m pretty sure this will be fun for anyone out there who loves animals. Click here to read more about the exhibition. Thanks, Teresa! xo, grace


Agh! I love this! I am for sure a god fanatic and sometimes feel a little crazy. These just made my day. xo

gluten free gift

This would make an awesome installation for a veterinarian clinic – there are so many husky-like dogs on one wall that it made me think it would also be great in a lodge somewhere up north here in Canada.

Laura / Pet Scribbles

Love this installation! Thanks for introducing us to a really neat artist. I clicked over to his website, and of course I love that he counts his cats and dogs among his inspirations. :)


I Love Kent Ambler. phenomenal artist, and woodblock printer. I’ve been in this instillation, and the prices are really nice on the dogs.

Mollie Greene

my husband surprised me with two of these for Christmas as he knew i’d been dying over them since last fall when we went to the exhibition. a very lucky girl am i!!