kate lewis paintings

I’m a little sleepy this morning, so I thought I’d wake myself up with some colorful paintings from artist Kate Lewis. Kate’s paintings of interiors have a loose, organic feel that reminds me of a quick sketch — in the best way possible. They feel as though she joined the homeowner for a cup of tea and happened to have a palette with her to document the moment. Each is a quick peek inside a beautiful room, focusing on small details like fabrics, flowers or lighting. You can check out all of Kate’s paintings right here; it’s fun to see some of the design trends we’ve been covering for the past few years immortalized in paintings (kilims, anyone?). xo, grace

More images after the jump . . .

Julia A

Nate Berkus, anyone? I love those paintings – and Nate’s kitchen!


I adore Kate and her beautiful paintings. Her colors are always bright and happy, and I always feel warm and cozy seeing each image…such a talent!! The kitchen with the yellow table is one of my favorites!!

Erika Rier

These paintings are so lovely, thank you so much for sharing them. Nothing like some beautiful art to brighten up a day.


All of your lovely comments are heading immediately to my inspiration wall. :) Grace, thank you so very much for featuring my artwork! I’m elated!

mollie blackwood

I’m in LOVE with interior paintings of all kinds right now. Thanks for the inspiration (as always).


Love the one of books and coral from above. Inspires me to finish the watercolors I started last fall! Thanks!


Beautiful. I need to check her work out. Her work makes me think of Matisse’s interiors and Egon Shiele’s delicate handling.


Yes, these are beautiful, just like Kate! Fresh and crisp. Keep up the great brush strokes.