book sets from juniper books

by Grace Bonney

One of my big goals this year is to spend less time in virtual life and more time in real life. Part of that commitment means watching fewer screens and cracking open more books. I finally started reading seriously again during the book tour, so I’m starting to build a little collection of favorites. As much as I love the look of color-coded books, it’s not functional enough for me. But I do like grouping books by theme or author so I can find them when I’m in the mood. These book sets from Juniper Books are a fun way to gift classics to someone special in your life or just stylishly fill any holes in your collection. Each set (several are organized specifically for Valentine’s Day) comes with a decorative cover and includes five classic books from authors like Austen, Brontë and Hawthorne. Together, the covers in a set form a full image/phrase. I love this concept (even in a simpler DIY fashion) and think it’s always nice to gift something to read. Click here to check out (and shop) the full collections online. Thanks, Thatcher! xo, grace

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