julia kostreva

by Grace Bonney

It’s freezing outside today, so I’m feeling a major need for a dose of bright color. As much as I love (and prefer) to surround myself in cool neutrals these days, sometimes you just need that electric zing of bright pink or bright yellow to bring you back to life. These colorful notebooks, pillows and prints are from artist Julia Kostreva. The lovely Susan of Susy Jack tweeted about them yesterday and I’ve kept her website open for about 24 hours straight now going back and forth between planners trying to decide which one to get. The entire collection is full of the super of super-saturated color I love for stationery and accessories, but you can also choose from some more subtle pieces like the beautiful Parsley print below. As a former printmaker that piece tugs at my heart strings (and immediately makes me smell turpentine) in a big way. Click here to check out Julia’s designs and shop online. Thanks to Susan for the inspiration! xo, grace

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