handmade books by serena olivieri

The first time I visited SCAD in Savannah I got to visit a class making books by hand. I’d never stopped to think about how much goes into handmade books and those students’ efforts were a real eye-opener. These beautiful handmade books, agendas and diaries are by artist Serena Olivieri. She just started designing and while she doesn’t have a web shop yet, I thought her work was too beautiful to resist posting. Based in Madrid, Serena works with clients and friends to create custom paper designs that relate to their personal styles or occupations. I’m partial to the pieces with cut or shaped edges, but there are several pieces to look at so I definitely recommend clicking over to her Tumblr site to see what she’s up to. Thanks to Serena for sending this over! xo, grace

*To place an order with Serena just email her here

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Maravilloso! I love it, i´m going to check her tumblr, thanks for always sharing amazing works, love Design Sponge ♥


I went to SCAD! Love the work by Working Class Studio! Miss Scad.. Love this idea though~

claudete takahashi

I would love to learn the technique, a pity I’m so far away. Any chance for on line lessons? They are just gorgeous! !!!! Claudete Takahashi

Françoise Teclemariam

Magnifique ! Quel beau travail et quel goût ! Donne t-on des cours ?


Belllllissimi! I bought two types and i can say Serena is highly talented and the book are so beautiful and original …….love them