gifts & gadgets for your valentine

I used to be a total Valentine’s Day sourpuss, but recently I’ve come around. Don’t get me wrong — I still find it totally appropriate to shun candlelit dinners and chocolate roses in exchange for hanging out with friends, watching bad movies and head-banging to old tunes from junior high. In fact, it is this interpretation of Valentine’s Day that converted me: simply using the day to celebrate love and its myriad forms. The day’s not just for romance, although that side of it is lovely. Friends, family, pets — show the love all around, that’s my motto. It’s in the spirit of all inclusiveness that I’ve rounded up some of my favorite gifts, gadgets and silly gizmos for all your valentines on MyLifeScoop this week. Nothing too extravagant, just a few items of beauty and purpose to show your loved ones that they’re on your mind. Click here for the full post. Enjoy! — Kate



Do you know where that framed, his and her initials idea went? There was a post on that just yesterday…kind of like that idea, but cannot remeber the details of it. The picture/link i’m referring to was of a frame placed on a turquoise chair…