est. 1986 valentine’s day cards

Valentine’s Day is coming up next month, so I’ve been keeping my eye out for cute cards. I’m starting to build a little roundup of favorites, but I couldn’t resist sharing a few this morning. I love these linoleum block printed cards from Est. 1986 at Etsy. Each 2-tone card is the sort of sweet simple style I love for this holiday. As much as I love cards with sweet messages inside, sometimes it’s nice to just let a clean image send the main message. You can order this card (and others) right here for $4. xo, grace


FYI, your title says est. 1986. I was all set for some awesome neon care bear cards or something, but this was also good :)


oops, sorry, I didn’t realize that’s what they were called, the link text says est. 1896 not the title, or the shop itself, sorry for the mistaken correction!


I really need to try this some day. I’ve had stamps made of my calligraphy, but I’ve never carved my own like this. A fun project for 2012!!