diy best of: note cards & stationery

Despite living in the technology age — or perhaps precisely because we’re in the technology age — the act of writing and receiving letters in the mail holds the same appeal and excitement for me as I imagine it did for Henry James or John and Abigail Adams. Though I couldn’t dream of matching the beauty of such eloquent correspondence, I do enjoy getting to practice my penmanship, and I appreciate that “snail mail” is one of the few things we still have to wait for. I never I thought I’d say this, but sometimes I love waiting.

If you have a hankering to draft a good old-fashioned letter, then I think you will love this roundup of stationery projects that show you how to craft your own personalized correspondence. There’s everything from hand embroidery and stamped monograms to vintage wallpapers and collage. Most require only a few tools and a small work surface, making them great projects for a cozy winter’s evening. Happy crafting! — Kate

Image above: Anne Weil’s hand-embroidered notecards made from recycled paper make for an inexpensive yet beautiful correspondence set.

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Image above: Halligan’s pen pal kit with tinted feather quill pens feels like a perfect stationery project for spring.

Image above: The BBB Craft Sisters show us how to turn recycled cardboard into elegant, organic stationery with stamps and yarn.

Image above: Brenna’s linoleum-cut monogram correspondence set with vintage wallpaper-lined envelopes

Image above: For a modern twist on preppy argyle, try making these recycled magazine argyle notecards and envelopes.

Image above: Derek and Lauren created a personalized stationery suite using samples of pretty vintage wallpapers and blank notecards.

Image above: Give your loved ones their gifts or notes in Brenna’s seeded paper pouches. They can be planted after use for a second gift of spring blooms!

Image above: If you like being on top of your correspondence, try making the BBB Craft Sisters’ wood card organizer for easy sorting and storage.

Image above: Add a bit of old-world elegance to your correspondence with Kim’s customized wood wax seal stamp.

Image above: Adorable patterned stationery using samples from Repro Depot’s pattern books, Flora and Folk.

Image above: Ashley’s vintage card jotters dress up and personalize a gift card or cash present for your loved ones.

Image above: For a fun, summery, graphic correspondence set, try making these nautical cards and picks by Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This.

Image above: Business cards needn’t be expensive and fancy to be cool. Try making your own variation of Amy’s stamped business cards.

Image above: Brenna’s travel map correspondence kit is an easy, fun way to reuse old maps and create a lovely stationery set for yourself or as a gift.

Image above: Erica Domesek’s gorgeous DIY marbled paper can be used for stationery, accessories and more.

Tricia Rose

Best of all Kate I love my fountain pens – I use one every day. I think it slows me down just enough to improve my execrable handwriting. That must be good!


LOVE all these wonderful ideas! Going to get working on a special card for Valentine’s Day! Thank you.


i only wish i was crafty enough to recreate some of these. they are all so fantastic. very inspiring post! thanks for sharing!


Love the way recycled cardboard can be transformed into ruggedly chic stationery! The handmade feel is priceless.


The marbled paper by Erica Domesek’s is beautifull..The play of colours is just awesome