david stark’s WOOD SHOP at haus

by Grace Bonney

I will forever have a crush on the whimsy and humor with which David Stark designs. In addition to working with great charities and focusing on reusable and recyclable materials, David has always designed with such a sense of humor that it’s impossible not to fall in love with everything he does. And, starting next month, David is launching a new project that I immediately found myself crushing on.

For the entire month of February, David and his team are transforming Nina Freudenberger’s Haus Interior store into a fanciful concept shop called WOOD SHOP. The installation will showcase David’s take on all things (tools, materials, etc.) that you would find in a wood shop, but re-imagined as art and home pieces. David is the king of creating inspiring fantasy settings, so this shop is going to be a must-see. If you’re in town, be sure to stop by the shop (250 Elizabeth Street, NYC) to see and shop the full (limited-edition) collection. Prices will range from $5-$500 and goods will include everything from pillows, throws, vases, jewelry and tableware to clever Valentine’s Day gifts. If you’re not able to swing by, I hope you’ll enjoy this sneak peek of some of the pieces David and his team designed for WOOD SHOP. I can’t wait to see that chocolate box in person. If it’s my price range that sucker is mine. Thanks to David and his team for not only sharing this peek with us, but for continue to remind me why I fell in love with design so many years ago. Their ability to make everyday objects feel like fun always makes me smile. xo, grace

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