customized mugs by kin ship press

by Grace Bonney

I’m a total nut when it comes to customization options. Getting to add someone’s names or initials to something always makes any product ten times more interesting to me. Maybe it’s the Southern girl in me that feels the need to always be on the lookout for possible hostess gifts, but this one from Kin Ship Press would be a fun twist on the idea. Kin Ship recently started selling colorful customizable mugs with lettering inspired by souvenir pennants and old varsity jackets. Each mugs comes in one of four colors (Apricot, True Blue, Charcoal and Asparagus) and can be personalized with a name, birth month and year. The final product is dishwasher and microwave safe so if you’re looking for a fun little “thanks” gift for someone, one of these stocked with handmade cocoa or tea would be perfect. Click here to check them out in more detail and order online ($24 each). xo, grace

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