current obsessions

current obsessions: navy blue and red

by Grace Bonney

One of the best parts of getting some downtime over the holidays was finally letting my brain rest a bit. After a few days, my urge to clean and decorate finally started to return, and I found myself slowly pulling together my disparate desktop “save for later” clips. Without really realizing it, I’ve been on a major navy blue and red kick lately. I’ve been pulling images and favorites for a few months now, and the overall look is really coming together. It’s classic, sophisticated and still somehow modern, so this may be just the theme we need for our new office (which is currently having a few unnecessary walls demoed). I’m not sure if navy blue walls are right for the whole space, but this theme has got to make it onto my side at the very least. If nothing else, I really want a chaise like this (or this) covered in my beloved Housepets fabrics (above) by Donghia. With the new year finally here and the urge for a fresh start pushing us all forward, it feels like the right time to embrace a big change. Did any of you find yourself ready to finally roll over into a new look this year? I think my polka dots and stripe obsession may finally be put to rest (for now), and this classic-meets-edgy feel could be here to stay. xo, grace

Inspirations above, clockwise from top left: Special Edition Wildwood Book (signed), $100; Tattoo Artist Tony Hundahl’s Card (where Matt and I got our tattoos last year); Gola Sneakers, $58; Donghia’s Housepets FabricMariniere Shirt, $78; Ankle Bootie from SIXby6bloggers Designed by Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller, $568 (WOW); La Colombe Afrique Blend, $12.25 (my favorite branding and packaging these days)

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