crankbunny tattoo cards

I’ll be honest, I’m having a hard time focusing today because all I can think about is last night’s Golden Globe Awards. All those green sequins? It was like a beautiful, shimmering ocean of glitter, and I still can’t get that color out of my mind. GREEN. SEQUINS. (If you come back in a few weeks and find D*S suddenly looks like a green sequined dress, you’ll know why.) The only thing distracting me from dresses this morning is a cute series of cards from Crankbunny at Etsy. I know tattoos aren’t for everyone, but if you’re inclined toward the more permanent ink arts, these cards and paper dolls are for you. I love the Victorian feel and think they’d be perfect for a non-traditional Valentine’s Day card or just a little hello for your tattooed sweetie. Click here to check out the full collection and shop online. xo, grace

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Rachel Tatem

I just love watching the red carpet for award shows. It is the SUPER girl in me but I love clothes. Not so much the money and time it takes to look that beautiful but I like to look, observe the beautiful fabric. The artistic way the designer got the dress bodice to cinch and the way the material lays across, almost floating in some.


oh my gosh. one of my best friend’s is practically working on her full body tattoo goal, so these would be PERfect to get for her! so funny

sage parker

oh, these are really inspiring!!! makes me want to send out valentines day cards this year – i just love the look of the tough guy as a paper doll – brilliant!!!

Debbie Sweren

Long been a fan of CrankBunny. Thanks for sharing her delightful works.


Crankbunny has long been a fave :) I love this shop filled with tattooed ladies & gents, now I love their Valentine cards, too! Thank you for sharing them with everyone.

Melissa Kojima

Yeah, Crankbunny is fantastic. I love her tattoo series. Her paper puppets are amazing. She inspires a lot of my paper puppet artwork too.