covet garden: bookhou issue

If there’s one thing I love most when it comes to publications, it’s embracing a focused format. I relish magazines, blogs and zines that obsess over one niche topic and really enjoy diving into such a specific world. Covet Garden is a Canadian online magazine that focuses each of its monthly issues on a single home in Toronto and the family behind it. Fed up with not getting to know more about the real people behind beautiful homes, the team at Covet Garden decided to dedicate each page of the issue to the people inside- from their personal style to their backgrounds. I really love this hyper-focused look at the people behind a great home and was excited to see that this month’s issue was all about John and Arounna from Bookhou. They’re a fantastically talented couple and their home (and storefront) reflect the couple’s organic-but-modern personal style. Click here to check out the latest issue and learn all about the home and people behind Bookhou. xo, grace

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Tania Welch

I have been a fan of Bookhou for some time now and am thrilled that Arounna and her family are being featured in a beautiful publication like Covet Garden.

Aside from Arounna’s stunning textiles and John’s gorgeous wood furniture and designs, I am always inspired by Bookhou’s commitment to living an authentic life that blends her passion for textiles, design, creativity and family so graciously.

Thank you.

Tania Welch


Wow, great to see Bookhau featured! I’m also a big fan, having purchased the triangle day bag a while back. It’s beautifully made and withstands my penchant for carrying around a multitude of unnecessary items! I’ve had many an admiring glance on the tube and on my travels around London and lots of compliments too. And what a beautiful home! I’ll certainly be adding Covet Garden to my expanding reading list of blogs!


Bookhou is amazing! I love that they are featured here! I took a letterpress workshop with Arounna last year. She was a great teacher and her store (plus all the work they do) is so inspirational. Well deserved spotlight!


This is such an inspiring magazine, focusing on each aspect of the family and their lives and homw, so different and real!x


I loved this home tour in covet garden to pieces…I immediately bought one of their pouches on etsy! And they are Canadian – yeah!

Holly (The Apiarist)

What a clever idea for a magazine! Beautiful home photos are great, but I agree that learning about the people and stories behind the furnishings are where the true treasures lie. Thank you for introducing me to both Covet Garden and Bookhou.

Chaitanya Kanuri

my first e-mag subscription….thanks for this amazing find!


inspiring index! best wishes for good work!
my greetings from athens, greece!
chrisa k.