concrete grandfather clocks

When it comes to materials I’d use in my home, concrete isn’t the first that comes to mind. But I think it’s time I put aside my concrete prejudice and embrace how utterly cool and modern it can feel. It’s that coolness (in the form of actual physical coldness) that usually scares me, but this painfully chic concrete grandfather clock might make me change my mind. Its monolithic nature may be too stark for some, but I could see this looking right at home in any modern home where natural materials are embraced in a big way. Forsbergform, the company that designed the clock, also created concrete tables that you can check out right here. Here’s to concrete creeping into design a bit more this year . . . as long as it can find a way to stay warm. xo, grace

Rachel Tatem

I have a distrust for clocks. Every clock I have ever purchased has died within 6 months… pretty but I have to keep my distance for it’s sake ;P


Actually, what strikes me is that it might be *dangerous* to have this around. Balance issues?? Small children??? Or even adults???

Grace Bonney


Im assuming they’ve weighted this to prevent anything like that. Any tall clock (wood included) would be dangerous if it fell on someone so I’m hoping they’ve taken that into account. But if you’re interested in purchasing I’m sure you could email them to ask :)



haha, i just did a concrete post too! i like this clock. against a wallpapered wall? amazing :)