colorblocked cutting boards

I rarely get swept up in fashion trends (I don’t have the same patience for clothes shopping that I do for home shopping), but colorblocking has yet to release its grip on me. I love it in my sweaters, dresses and now — my kitchen. These beautiful colorblocked cutting boards are handmade in Philadelphia by Lostine. Each has a different colorblocked style and comes with a thick leather handle for easy handling and hanging. I’ve seen so many live-edge cutting boards over the past year or two, and I think it’s officially time to transition to these smoother colorblocked versions. There are four styles for sale at Anthropologie, ranging from $128 to $248, so if you’re in the mood for a colorful, handmade kitchen gift, these might be the ticket. Click here for more info and to shop online. xo, grace


I love the look of these boards but as a practical cutting board, they look way too narrow.


I’d be inclined to use them for serving, not for cutting. I’m waiting to see if they sell at this price or if they go on sale…


I’d save the pretty side and use the back for cutting! The ones with handles would
look great on a kitchen wall!


Absolutely gorgeous!! I will be purchasing these for all of the females (11) in my family as well as holiday gifts for my clients in December 2012. Thank you for creating such an awesome product!!