brittany burton

You know what rules about today? Just about everything. Mostly because yesterday we found a home for our adorable rescue kitty! I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect couple to give her a new forever home. Tuesday and Peter are talented (and adorable) illustrators in Brooklyn who will be around during the day to give her lots of love and attention. While looking around their sites, I came across a link to illustrator Brittany Burton. Brittany’s floral drawings are right up my flower-obsessed alley right now, and I couldn’t resist starting the day with them. These pieces have the same exuberant feel that I’ve been walking around with for the past 24 hours. You can’t beat beautiful artwork and people who give animals a second chance. Thanks, Tuesday and Peter. xo, grace

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Yay! I’m so happy to hear the kitty found a home!
Quick question: I didn’t see a shop link on the Brittany Burton website and I couldn’t find her on Etsy. Any idea where those lovely prints are for sale?


Hey Mary! This is Brittany. I have a new email Feel free to shoot me a message if you would like to know as soon as my shop is up and running or any other news about my work. Thanks for the support and interest!


I enjoyed looking through Tuesday and Peter’s portfolios yesterday and now I’m enjoying Brittany’s artwork. And I’m so glad the kitty found a great home!


When you click on her name it says ‘shop coming soon’. Poor girl- featured on DS with no way to take advantage. I want that bee bouquet!!

Susan, The Kitchen Designer

I don’t know…if I let my mind wander a bit, I’d say these gorgeous floral drawings almost look 50s/60s retro. I’m sure that wasn’t the intent but they look so sweet and innocent just like the old timey florals did during that time. Beautiful, all of them.


Absolutely great art. Love it all, very innovative. I love that Tuesday and Peter added the adorable rescue kitty into their lives! Did they decide on a name yet??
Best to you, Grace and the 3 of them!
P.S. I will will have to Pin their work!


Flower Boom! (that was the phrase that came to mind when I clicked on this post). Thank you for cheering me up on a gray morning – this is such fun and fresh work. :)